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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: McTreaty Returns to Grey’s Anatomy This Season

Be still our fluttering hearts! Oh, and if someone could revive Teddy over there in the corner? That would be great. Yes, James Tupper will return to Grey's Anatomy towards the end of the season for a three-episode arc as hunky shrink Dr. Andrew Perkins, who famously swept Teddy off her feet and clued her in to her fatal attraction to unattainable men.

We first met Dr. Perkins at the beginning of Season 7, when he was clearing the docs at Seattle Grace to practice medicine once again, after the devastating Season 6 shootout. He held out on Meredith, but had no trouble pouncing on Teddy in this delicate time. Might a rekindling be in their future? We hope so. It's about time Teddy got some!

And there may or may not be speculations afoot that Tupper might snag a role as a series regular next season. Hey, if Eric Dane could do it...(McSteamy was only written to appear in one episode. Needless to say, thank goodness that didn't work out, or we'd all be up a creek without any eye candy!)

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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02.14.2011 / 10:55 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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