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Best Castle Wisecracks From Season 3, Episode 15: “The Final Nail”

We can’t say there was too much romance in the air on the Valentine’s Day ep (someone did get a nail gun to the face, after all), but there was plenty of chatter about relationships and gifts. Check out a few of the best lines of the night.

6. Esposito (to Ryan, on his V-Day present): Jenny’s planning her wedding. Your girl’s on a diet, and you’re gonna give her chocolate?

To continue the assumptions about Jenny’s wedding planning, she’ll need the chocolates for when she has a meltdown over a blender and cancels the whole thing for an hour.

5. Ryan: What’s going on?
Esposito (referring to Beckett and Castle): Mom and Dad are fighting.

And they’re splitting everything down the middle. Who’s going with who?

4. Ryan: My fiancée never takes her ring off her finger.
Amber: Is your fiancée’s ring eleven carats?


3. Martha (to Castle): Couldn’t sleep because of your fight with Beckett, or because your old friend Damian might be a double murderer?

Martha always has her finger on the pulse.

2. Castle (on Alexis’s V-Day gift for her bf): She wants something that says, "I love you," but nothing that says, "I love you more than life itself. Please don’t ever leave me or I may die."
Martha: That’s why you guys go for the chocolate and the flowers.

We think there might be a few other factors at play, too. Availability being one of them.

1. Castle (to Beckett): It’s Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t you be in a nice candlelit restaurant, wearing a nude dress, ordering surf and turf?

Castle, haven’t you gotten the memo that Josh is a Motorcycle Man Surgeon and Beckett is a Very Busy Detective? There’s no time for both surf and turf. Otherwise, spot on.

02.15.2011 / 10:49 PM EDT by Lauren Bull
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