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Emily Deschanel: Brennan Is “Scared” of How Booth Will Feel in Ten Years

Now that Booth (David Boreanaz) is single, we’re moving on from questioning his bad decision (aka Hannah). Instead, we’re choosing to interrogate Bones (Emily Deschanel)! How could you let him get away in the first place? Would you ever make that mistake again? And what’s next for the woman who plays Brennan? Assignment X , who had a few minutes alone with Emily Deschanel at the Santa Monica Pier, asked these very questions and more. Read on to see what else Emily had to say for herself.

Credit: Jen Lowery/Splash News    

Why her character rejected Booth in the past: “Brennan says that she doesn’t want to go there because she doesn’t know how she’ll feel in five years or ten years. I think ultimately she is scared how he will feel in five years or ten years. She wants to protect herself. She’s scared. She’s been abandoned by her family and it’s really scary for her to open herself up like that and be vulnerable. So I think that, yeah, she’s scared how she’ll feel, but she’s maybe even more scared how he’ll feel in ten years.”

On her character’s evolution: “I think she’s evolving to be more open and emotionally accessible and more sensitive and kind of breaking down those walls that she has, and I think that’s the right way to go. She’s also becoming more aware of popular culture and she’s living in the world like a human being, like most people live in the world.”

Favorite episode from season five: “The hundredth episode. I loved that script and I thought it was a great story and I thought that was really nice. I liked that one because we flashed back to the first time [Brennan and Booth] met each other, and I thought that was nice to have that insight into the characters.”

Her upcoming role in The Perfect Family (starring alongside Kathleen Turner as her lesbian daughter who is afraid to reveal to her mom that she’s pregnant): “It was great. It was great to work with Kathleen Turner, and Jason Ritter, who I’ve known since we were kids, so I’m really excited. I’ll be very curious to see how it turns out, because you just never know when you’re working on something – you have many hopes and you feel like it goes well, but you [don’t know]. I look forward to seeing it and hope that gets to the festivals.”

Source: Assignment X

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