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The Vampire Diaries

Sara Canning Dishes on Aunt Jenna’s Romance With Alaric

Elena and Jeremy Gilbert’s young aunt Jenna was forced to grow up quick. After the mother who raised them passed away in a car accident, her (much) younger sis was named legal guardian. Jenna is hardly a perfect parent — she’s often experiencing the same trials and tribulations as her teenage kin — but growing up does have its (quite obvious) perks. Case-in-point: Aunt Jenna’s (Sara Canning) steamy on-screen romance with Alaric, actor Matt Davis.

“He's just so easy to be around. He's laid back, but very funny and cracks me up,” Canning tells Zimbio. Plus, it’s that off-screen chemistry that makes the on-screen stuff feel so real. “He's a great love-interest because it's easy going from that off-set friendship to acting in scenes with him where I really care about him. It's so much easier when you have a good friendship with the person and can laugh at each other. You are be able to do those scenes that get a little intense or a little romantic when you trust each other.”

The rest of us non-acting types will probably never understand how actors and actresses aren’t constantly falling in real love with their on-screen partners, and Canning admits the whole getting-paid-to-fake-love thing is “odd.” She explains: “You need to find qualities in someone that you connect with as a person. Because, I mean, you really have to sell it and be in love with them on screen.”

Let’s just say Jenna and Alaric are one couple we’re totally buying.

Source: Zimbio