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Should Castle Stars Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion Date in Real Life?

Science and our friends tell us that when two hot real-life people star as two hot pretend love interests, you inevitably ask yourself, “Wait, shouldn’t the hot real-life people just start dating?” Beckett and Castle’s kiss is at long last upon us, so... what’s up, Stana Kanic and Nathan Fillion? We don’t want to rush them into a hasty relationship decision, so for now maybe they can just settle for spending Valentine’s Day together. (Though it’s hard to imagine a scenario where anyone is settling to be Stana or Nathan’s Valentine.) Anyway, here are arguments for and against these two getting together.

Reasons This Pairing Is a Fantastic Idea

1. They’re both from Canada.

So are 34 million other people, but Canada is often talked about like it’s a hamlet with a population of four impossibly kind, snowbound families. When two people are from there — and those two people happen to work together as one of the most popular almost-couples on television — it seems like a slap in the face to the love gods if they don’t at least give it a shot.

2. They’re both totally adorable in interviews.

There’s not even a whiff of pretension when either of them speaks. While doing The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson once, a blushing and giggly Stana shouted “I love hockey!” at one point, and even admitted to Googling the host before coming on his show. During one of Nathan’s interviews with Craig Ferguson, the actor showed up in a leather kilt and knee socks. Come on... date already! Incidentally, why isn’t Craig Ferguson pushing this along?

3. Plot-wise, the timing is really good.

We’re not sure it’s wise for Stana and Nathan to follow the trajectory of the pretend relationship they have, but given that there’s finally something happening between Beckett and Castle, this is as good a time as any. Yes, it’s a risk, but as Shakespeare himself said, “Ah, the course of hook-ups never did run smooth. But they can be fun.”

Reasons This Pairing Is Not a Good Idea At All

1. They might break up.

Famous people do that a lot. But Stana and Nathan are professional actors who could probably put personal feelings aside for the greater good of the show. We’re more concerned about the rest of us, the children of this divorce that hasn’t happened yet.

2. We might not buy their fictional relationship any longer.

The show relies a fair amount on the ol’ “will they or won’t they” thing, which might be affected by couple headlines. This only a minor concern to us, however, because if Becks and Castle don’t make it, we would still know they were totally together in real life.

3. Someone from the show might write an explosive book about their relationship.

Unlikely, but think about it: Did you ever imagine that Screech would one day write a tell-all about Saved by the Bell? Perhaps in keeping with the show’s past literary ventures, one of the characters (Alexis, Martha, Montgomery) will write a novel about a famous couple that’s published under their fake name, blurring the line between reality and fiction. Years later, in a twist no one saw coming, the ghost writer turns out to be Dustin Diamond.

02.15.2011 / 12:52 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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