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The Bachelorette

Trista and Ryan Sutter Take 10-Day Intimacy Experiment (So Ryan Can “Get Lucky”)

As the most successful (and first!) couple in Bachelorette history, Trista and Ryan Sutter have been married for seven years and have two kids. Of their long-standing relationship, Trista confesses on the Rachael Ray Show, "It's hard to maintain that spark."

And she’s not joking: Firefighter Ryan’s schedule can be complicated. He works 48 hours in a row and has four days off. That means he's gone for two days straight, leaving Trista to take care of the kids alone.

To help re-kindle the flame, the couple is taking the K-Y Intimacy Experiment. "It's 10 days of exercises, one in the morning and one in the evening," Trista explains. "And it just helps you reconnect."

When they were approached to do the experiment, Trista was excited because she thinks it's important for couples who have been married with kids for as long as they have to reconnect on a meaningful and intimate level.

"One tip that I found from the Intimacy Experiment was that if you hug for 30 seconds three times a day it can really positively affect your relationship," Trista says.

Trista also learned that sharing time together — like cooking together — outside of the bedroom, will make you want to get in the bedroom to spend time together there.

One of the exercises for the first day is called "love nest." Researchers found that women need to be in a relaxed state which, for Trista, means eliminating clutter.

"As I look further and further into the experiment, this is a lot more work for the guys than the girls," Ryan says as Trista laughs. "One of the things I didn't realize was that not putting my laundry away was going to lead to me not getting any action. If I'm hoping to 'get lucky' then I need to start paying attention to what leads up to that."

Contrary to what you might assume, Trista assures the experiment is not just about sex, but about building your relationship. Ryan counters, "if I do go through all this trouble and nothing changes, I'm done putting my laundry away."

Um, is that an ultimatum we hear?