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The Bachelorette

Wetpaint Exclusive! Let Jesse Kovacs Plan Your Valentine’s Day Dinner!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bachelorette fans! Want to celebrate your night Bachelorette style? (And, no, that doesn’t mean you and 12 guys in a hot tub!) We’ve got all the makings of the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner from one of the scrumptious stars of ABC’s The Bachelorette and The Bachelor Pad, Jesse Kovacs! (Feel free to print this out and leave it somewhere for your lover to find! Valentine’s Day is all about the subtle hints, right?)

Jesse on his perfect V-Day dinner: “My suggestions for a Valentine's Day wine/dinner pairing would be half-shell oysters with a Veuve to start, followed by a filet mignon with a Cabernet-based wine blend.” Ooh, fancy!

According to Jesse, all of his V-Day dinner choices have been known to raise the heart rate and get the blood flowing, which are “perfect for a long night of romance.”

Jesse recommends ending your meal with something sinful and chocolate-y... and an espresso.
Because how can you go in for that “long night of romance” without the caffeine and sugar? Jesse jokes, “We're not going to sleep yet!"

Jesse recently dished with Wetpaint about his new love interest, who lives across the country in New York City. The two met through a mutual friend back in August, and have been “seriously” dating for the past two months. Awww.

As for Jesse’s own Love Day plans? "I will be going to Las Vegas to enjoy a romantic V-Day wine and dinner night.”

For more of Jesses’ wine suggestions for Valentine’s Day — or your next Bachelor viewing party — check out his book, The Young and The Thirsty: 25 California Wines for New School Drinkers.

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