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American Idol

Recap of American Idol, Season 10, Hollywood Week Group Night

At the beginning of the night, Ryan reminds us that it will be the dreaded Hollywood group night — which means there will be some personalities clashing and frustrations running deep. But we say bring it on, baby. We can hardly wait for all the dramz!

The Rules

The contestants have one night to choose and learn one song from a list of songs that includes Cee Lo’s “Forget You” and seemingly few other songs, given how many times we’ll hear it. (But can any of them hold a candle to Cee Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grammys? Doubtful.) The groups also have to come up with their own choreography and harmonies — and rehearse all night until they get it right. The next morning, they have to perform for the judges and face elimination. Could it get any more stressful than that?

Oh, wait. It can!

The contestants also have to choose members for their groups. Some of them thought they had a head start when they aligned with other contestants on their audition day in Hollywood, but producers decide to shake things up this year. Each group has to also include singers from the audition day that they didn’t attend. The plot thickens.

Group Drama

Mixing up the contestants turned out to be the best thing the producers could have done for our entertainment. We got to see Tiffany “I'm tired of people trying to do what I know I can do” Rios begging for a spot in a group. (Guess someone needs to watch their mouth next time.) After getting dissed and dismissed by just about everyone, only one singer was nice enough to work with her — and producers had to bend the rules to have them perform as a duet. She was sent packing the next day.

Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    
There was a lot more group drama in store:

• After only a couple hours of rehearsing, Ashley Sullivan (yes, the always-tearful one from New Jersey who wants to be the first show-tunes pop star) thought group night was just way too much for her. She dramatically quit the show, then changed her mind after talking it over with her boyfriend in the parking garage. Good thing she did. The next morning, she got another yes from the judges.

• Scotty McCreary, the teen country singer with the deep voice, was refusing groups like he was all that — until he had to scramble a group to accept him. He ended up in the same group as karaoke host Clint “Jun” Gamboa and cherubic teen Jacee Badeaux.

• Speaking of Jacee, you won’t believe what his group had the nerve to do. They kicked the talented sweetie-pie to the curb because they didn’t think he was fitting in. The judges didn’t seem too happy to hear about that — and Scotty McCreary ended up in tears and apologizing for not sticking up for poor Jacee.

• Jacee’s new group (which included another once-bullied teen, Brett Loewenstern) made it through to the next round. Brett messed up the words because he joined the group at the last minute, but the judges decided to cut him some slack — and he totally deserved it.

• Remember Rob and Chelsea? The couple who auditioned together after they had broken up? For some reason, they thought being in a group together would also be a good idea. So wrong! Poor Rob seemed stressed at first — then exhausted, dazed, and confused by the end. He couldn’t even learn the lyrics to “Forget You,” so the judges said forget you too. Chelsea made the cut, though.

James Durbin, the memorable rocker contestant who suffers from Asperger’s and Tourette’s, seemed to have a problem with another group — mostly because they were 15- and 16-year-olds being coached by their stage moms. Well, their moms must have represented, because “The Minors” delivered the best performance of the night. It’s definitely the one we’ll be rewinding on DVR. “They just gave the performance of their lives right there,” Jennifer said. (James Durbin made it through to the next round too.)

James made the cut, but some of our early favorites didn’t — like Devin Rush, the singing waitress, and Paris Tassin, the memorable mom of a child with special needs. Aaron Gutierrez, one half of the Gutierrez brothers from Los Angeles, was also sent packing.

Tomorrow night’s episode will be solo performances. We’re guessing there will be less drama to report. (But Ashley Sullivan is still around, so maybe not!)

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