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Ghosts of Alex’s Past: Nikita Recap for Season 1, Episode 15: “Alexandra”

Nikita Episode 15, “Alexandra,” opens in a nightclub. Is someone about to actually have fun? Of course not! Alex is there on assignment. Luckily, it’s an easy one because there's no killing involved. *All* she has to do is go on a blind date with a “tech billionaire” named Dustin Zimmer (who kind of looks like Mark Zuckerberg). He’s invented a gadget called “Oculus” that Percy wants to steal, presumably so he can sell it to the highest bidder. Birkhoff helped arrange the date by hacking into a dating site so that Alex came up as Dustin’s perfect match. He also provided Little A with expert advice on dating nerds.

Alex’s biggest concern is that she’ll be in a nightclub, surrounded by alcohol and possibly drugs, and just saying “no” has never been her strong point. When Dustin offers to get them champagne, she smartly suggests they dance instead. When it becomes apparent that awkward Dustin can’t quite get down to the throbbing beat, she pulls him close and begins to slow dance with him. While they shuffle around like two tweens at a junior high formal, Alex slips her hand in Dustin’s pocket where his Oculus is totally bulging out. She steals it. Mission accomplished!

Dustin then tells Alex that he really wants to kiss her, but A remembers one of Birk’s tips: Nerds love rejection since they figure any girl that likes them must be insane. She therefore tells Dusty she’s gotta go to the loo. On her way, she spots Nikita and slips her the Oculus.

In the bathroom, Alex sees a girl with jet-black hair and runny eyeliner who can’t weigh more than 95 pounds soaking wet. A junky! The girl’s got the dry heaves so A holds some cold paper towels to her head. Too bad she doesn’t have a homemade sauna handy! The girl recognizes Alex. “Sasha?” she asks.

Sasha, you might recall, was Alex’s name back when she was a sex slave. Alex tells the girl, whose name is Irina, that she must have her mistaken for someone else. She then splits and goes back to Nikki’s loft where the two discuss the mission. Alex tells Nikki about Irina, but lies and says she wasn’t recognized. She leaves while Nikki sends Dustin a robot-voice message that someone is going to try to steal Oculus.

Then, it slowly dawns on Nikita — Alex is gonna go back to the nightclub where she will try to save Irina from sex slavery. NOT a good idea since Irina’s pimps will attempt to kill Little A if they find her. Nikki has a flashback to six years earlier when Alex’s parents were murdered and she was on the scene. We see Nikki carrying young Alex away from her parents’ burning mansion and handing her off to a “friend” of Alex’s family. He promises he’ll keep her safe.

Nikita cringes at the memory then hightails it to the nightclub. She gets there too late. Alex already found Irina and the two arranged to meet in the alley behind the club in 15 minutes, but during those 15 minutes, Irina sold Alex out to the head pimp, Vlad. So when Alex enters the alleyway (when are people on this show gonna start avoiding dark alleys?) there are about a dozen Slavic dudes pointing guns at her. Vlad is there and appropriately, he sounds a bit like Dracula. He has a big scar on his face that he says he got from a “wonder woman” type who busted into his office looking for Alex four years ago. (Nikita!)

Alex is then taken back to Vlad’s lair, an underground house of prostitution that is literally underground. It’s also full of doped up sex slaves.

Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2010 The CW Network    

Back at Division, Michael and Birk are idiotically wondering how Alex’s mission went. They can’t get in touch with her and Michael worries something went wrong. Birk theorizes that everything went so right that she’s simply ignoring them. But when they realize they can’t get a signal on her tracker, Michael gets really worried because it could mean only one of two things: either she’s gone AWOL or she’s underground. He doesn’t wanna tell Percy who might be tempted to test out his “kill chip” if he thinks Alex went AWOL. Instead, he goes to Amanda.

She’s busy journaling (about Jaden) but she takes a moment to analyze some security camera footage Birk managed to snag from the club. It shows Alex going into the alleyway (but doesn’t show her being taken captive), and also shows A talking to Irina. Amanda points out the fact that Irina is making a common Russian hand gesture that shows familiarity. She also surmises, from Irina’s runny eyeliner and outfit, that she’s a sex slave. They realize Alex must’ve tried to save her. Michael says he has some contacts with the Russian Mob who he’s going to visit in an attempt to find Alex’s pimp.

Meanwhile Alex is in a cage. Even so, she’s mouthing off to Vlad. She tells him he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. He tells her he knows exactly who he’s dealing with. He then invites Irina to sit on his lap, which she does. Ew. Vlad then begins to tell a story. It’s about a princess named Anastasia, a Princess descended from the Russian Czars who is married to an industrialist billionaire named Nikolai. Their daughter, Alexandra, is therefore not just the heiress to the billion-dollar fortune, but also royalty. He goes on to describe how Anastasia and Nikolai were murdered for political reasons, but Alexandra escaped whereupon she was sold into prostitution as “Sasha.” Irina cries because the story is "so sad." Vlad tells her to shut up.

He then turns a camera on Alex and tells her to admit it: SHE is royalty! How does he know? Before she escaped the prostitution ring, Alex gave Irina her father’s watch and Irina, not knowing the whole story, showed it to Vlad who pieced it all together. He, like Percy, is up for making a buck and he knows there is still a price on “Alexandra’s” head. Might not go for as much as Oculus, but enough to retire early.

Alex refuses to admit her true identity on camera. Instead, she tells the same story she told Division: that her ‘rents died in a car crash and she was sold into prostitution.

At this point, both Nikita and Michael have wasted no time finding the Russian Mob. They’re chillin’ out, where else? A Russian steam room. Nikki found them first, posing as a “towel girl.” Unfortunately for the mobsters, she’s got a bomb under her towels and she’s gonna hurl it at them unless they tell her where Vlad’s lair is. Doesn’t take them long to spit out the location. Just then, Michael arrives.

A ton of armed Russians show up, and Nikki and Michael have to team up in order to fight them. Michael wants to know what Nikki is doing there. She tells him she’s been following his operative trying to get her hands on Oculus, but they’re in no position to continue arguing since they’re both being attacked by the mobsters who prove no match for them. Victorious, they flee just as the 5-0 pull up. Off to Vlad’s they go!

Things have gotten even worse at Vlad’s House of the Rising Sun where the vampiric pimp is shooting Alex up with heroin. And she was worried about the nightclub! He’s convinced the dope will get A to talk. He’s wrong. Instead it just makes her eyes get bloodshot while giving her another flashback to six years earlier. In this memory, her parents are still alive. Alex is telling her dad that she read some stuff about him on the interweb, namely that he had people killed and did other bad stuff. She tells him she loves him but she doesn’t wanna be like him. He tells her that’s too bad because it’s in her blood — someday, she’ll run his company and she’ll have to be ruthless too. She then kind of comes to and tells Vlad that she works for a secret branch of the American government. Vlad thinks it's hilarious that the government would hire a junky.

Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2010 The CW Network    

WHERE are Michael and Nikki while all this is going down?! They’re right outside arguing. Michael has brought up Kasim again. Can he just drop it already? Nikita tells him she only stopped Michael from killing Kasim because it was a suicide mission and she…she didn’t want him to get hurt! Why can’t she just tell him she loves him? That would solve everything! Anywho, they eventually have to drop the subject because baddies are firing at them left and right.

Vlad steps outside to see what all the ruckus is about. Once he’s gone, Alex convinces Irina to open her cage. Irina apologizes for selling her out and tells her she just wanted her friend back. They hug.

Nikki goes inside the lair while Michael covers the perimeter. She tells all the prostitutes to flee for a shelter on 39th Street. They do, albeit slowly, since they’re all doped up.

Vlad has returned to his office only to find Alex’s cage empty. Where is she? Right behind him and she’s got a gun! She puts one bullet in his back and he falls down. She then stands over him and announces “I AM Alexandra” before putting a second bullet in his noggin. She tells Irina to get the hell out of dodge, but warns her that if she breathes a word of what she heard, she’ll be forced to hunt her down and kill her.

Nikita gets there just as Alex begins to go through withdrawal. Nikki stealthily slips the Oculus into Vlad’s pocket right before Michael shows up. Michael tells Nikki to hand over Oculus. She swears she doesn’t have it and leaves. Michael scoops up Alex who’s looking paler than the ghost of Thom. He then sees something bulging out of Vlad’s pocket — it’s Oculus! He takes it and heads back to Division.

Percy is so excited to get his greedy little hands on the gadget that he hardly notices the fact that Alex is covered in blood with her eyes rolled back in her head and a bad case of the shakes. Michael carries A into Amanda’s incredibly luxurious office. Amanda says she’s so used to dealing with drug addict recruits it’s almost like she’s running a rehab. Michael leaves, believing Little A is in good hands. But Amanda is no Dr. Drew! She pulls out a hypo full of methadone and tells Alex she’s gonna shoot her up, but first she has a few questions! Amanda is so evil that she is actually going to use Alex’s weakened condition in order to pry into her past.

Speaking of Alex’s past, where is the videotape Vlad shot? Surely it contained some damning evidence given no one hit the off switch before Alex pronounced that she was Alexandra, descendant of Russian Royalty! No worries. Nikita’s got it and she’s watching it at home. She seems almost as impressed by Alex as we were. Let’s hope no one else sees it, especially Amanda, who is out to get as much dirt on Alex as possible no matter the cost. Looks like next week, Amanda’s going to turn so evil it will surprise even us…

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