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Pretty Little Liars

Our Top Guesses About Jenna’s Braille Note on PLL

We’re still dying to know what Jenna's braille note means that Toby gave to Spencer on last week's episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 1, Episode 17) and we bet you are, too. Why did Jenna write this message and who was she talking to on the phone at the time? Spencer and Toby are determined to figure it out, but in the meantime, we have some ideas of what the braille said:

The little liars are convinced Ian is Alison's killer, there were some weird shots of a motel in last episode and in episode 18, Ian will hand Jenna a bag at school. Sound suspicious? Maybe she was meeting him at the motel and wrote down the room number so she wouldn’t forget. Also, 214 could signify 2/14 aka February 14th aka Valentine's Day, which is also the original air date of last week's episode!

The symbols stand for B-A-D
Spencer discovered that braille letters and numbers have the same symbols, but maybe the message really does mean BAD. Jenna hates the little liars, especially Emily and Spencer so we wouldn’t put it past her to write a threatening message. Is she planning to hurt them?

The symbols mean 2AD
There are some theories that the note is a combination of numbers and letters to represent 2AD. If AD stands for Alison DiLaurentis, could there be two of her? Here's a hint: read the PLL books for answers!

Wren was in motel room #214
We’re still stuck on the motel room theory and are a little intrigued by something a fan tweeted at Showrunner Marlene King. The fan wrote, “doesn’t 214 mean the motel room that wren was staying at in rosewood where spencer dropped him off to? No one believes me!” She replied, “well.... it could... but then again.... it might not.” Anything could happen in Rosewood, so it’s certainly possible.


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