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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: Will Avery’s PTSD Ever Kick In?

It seems like, barring melodramatically kicking a trash can over, and jacking Karev in the face, Dr. Avery hasn't suffered many concerning after-effects of the shooting. And, from what we've gathered, it looks like he isn't going to. Avery managed to slide past the crack-up we saw almost all the other docs go through in the first half of Season 7, and we're finally at the closing end of the shooting story arc.

But, Avery might just have a new love interest up his sleeve that's keeping him on his toes. Williams almost spills the beans on his character, "I think Jackson may get, by season’s end — oh, I can’t say that. I have to be careful. I will say that Jackson is working very hard to find a woman to call his own, and he may succeed by the finale."

Thank goodness. That Avery Sparkle is going far, far too unnoticed for our taste. It's totally not plausible that he would go this long without scoring, while Karev is still getting by on some absurd notion of bad-boy-hood.

Also, if Jackson and Lexie don't have a fling to dispel some of their sexual tension, we're going to go crazy. And what a perfect way to realize Mark is the one Lexie really wants!

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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