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Top 3 Beckett and Castle Moments From Season 3, Episode 15: “The Final Nail”

No hearts, chocolates, or roses for these two crazy kids. Who would have guessed it? Check out the best moments from Beckett and Castle’s Valentine’s Day.

3. Beckett convinced Castle it was time to break up.

Castle defended Damian, the shady husband/shadier son, like a teenage girl standing up for her terrible boyfriend. “You keep looking at me like I’m crazy for believing in him,” he told Beckett. “But that’s just because you don’t know him.” Seriously, he can be soooo sweet. Beckett played the part of the best friend who has no other choice but to cut her pal to the core: “The Damian that you think you know doesn’t exist...He’s a character in a story that you told yourself when you were a homesick 14-year-old little boy. Maybe it’s time to let him go.”

Isn’t it interesting that Castle literally rewrote Beckett as Nikki Heat, which got him out of his writing funk? And that his pattern of altering people he knows improves his work but interferes with the actual relationships? Anyway, this was sad.

2. Beckett and Castle looked like a crime fighting team.

Well, they are a crime fighting team, but in that scene by the elevator, they walked out of frame like this was Gotham and their action figures are in stores now. For two leads who’ve yet to seal the deal, it was the equivalent of a great hook up. They’re both looking for each other... the elevator doors part... there’s an uncomfortably long stare... and then simultaneously: “I think I know who the killer is!”

1. Beckett and Castle honored literary giants.

There was something rather Gatsby-esque about Damian’s tale. “I’ve led a careless and wasteful life, detective,” he told Beckett. Maybe that’s why she quoted the novel’s author when Castle emerged from Damian’s townhouse in the final scene. “Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy,” she said, which we suppose was a good alternative to, “Sorry about your poor taste in friends.” Anyway, Beckett chose Fitzgerald, and Castle referenced Hemingway. What did they have in common? Major drinking problems. Off to the bar!

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