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America's Next Top Model

Meet Sara: Bisexual, Polyamorous, Non-Leg Shaving Cycle 16 Contestant

Girls travel far and wide and prep for years to be on America's Next Top Model, but Texas native Sara Longoria didn't even worry about shaving her legs before she got onto the show. In fact, for her first modeling gig at a friend's vintage resale shop, she had to be gently remind to take care of her stems.

Sara, 19, said her friend had asked her prettiest friends to model and "the day before, they were like, 'Hey, can you do this?…and make sure you shave your legs.'"

But her questionable personal beauty routine won't be anywhere close to this Top Model hopeful's most controversial quality. She identifies as bisexual, and is currently in a polyamorous relationship. Sara explains, "I have a boyfriend, and as a couple, we date our girlfriend April." Well, maybe April will keep Sara's boyfriend from turning into the green-eyed monster while Sara's away and gazing upon hunky male models 24/7?

As for the potential backlash of discussing her polyamory on national TV? "It’s not like we live together — my boyfriend and girlfriend both live at home (and) I just recently moved out — so it’s not like we’re trying to figure out how to pay our taxes or anything like that; we’re all very young," Sara says. "My mother knows about it. I don’t really talk to my dad, so it’s not an issue. My siblings know."

And Sara is fully prepared to embrace her weirdness in all her Ann Ward-y glory. The androgynous ANTM contestant admits, "There’s always one short-haired weird girl in every cycle. And when I got to L.A., I saw that the weird short-haired girls’ numbers were very low." Here's lookin' at you, kid.

As for how well she'll fare in the competition? We're pretty sure Tyra's going to keel over and die when she sees this girl's statuesque figure, scrawny limbs, and huge (and by "huge," we mean, "editorial") schnoz. She's all kinds of weird-pretty, in the Banksiest way possible.

Fun fact: if you're a student at University of Texas-Pan American, you can catch Sara in a March 5th performance of — shocker — The Vagina Monologues at the university. (But does that mean that she doesn't win?)

Source: The Monitor


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