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America's Next Top Model

Miss J Sounds Off on Nigel’s New Hair

If you haven't seen the pics by now, noted fashion photographer and ANTM judge, Nigel Barker, has premiered a new mane at New York Fashion Week, which is to say that he has a mane at all. Rather than his impeccably clean-shaven bald look, he's let his hair grow into a poofy, pseudo-fro with a tragically receding hairline. It's basically the hot mess of Fashion Week.

Miss J, of course, has some choice words for his ANTM colleague. "UNRECOGNIZABLE," he said. "That's the only statement I have. No one recognizes him."

As for the rumor that Ty-Ty digs the new look? Miss J repeated, "UNRECOGNIZABLE. NIGEL BARKER'S HAIR. UNRECOGNIZABLE." Huh. In this kind of tizzy, Miss J sort of reminds us of Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen in Alice In Wonderland, constantly screaming "IDIOTS" at her subjects... Anyone else?

However, Miss J is almost positive Nig will bust out the razor before Cycle 17 starts shooting. "If it's not broke, don't fix it," he shrugs. Although, we'd be kind of interested to hear the entire panel weigh in on the dreckitude, starting with Andre Leon Talley.

What do you think of Nigel's new look?

Source: NY Magazine


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