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My Chemical Romance Admits to Selling Out

If you were surprised to hear Glee tackle “Sing It” by My Chemical Romance in “Comeback,” you probably weren’t alone. But don’t think MCR is complaining.

“With the record industry the way it is now, with pop music the only thing dominant, I think you have to make choices like this to make inroads into things,” said guitarist Ray Toro.

Meanwhile, guitarist Frank Iero says he wasn’t the biggest Glee fan... because of the singing. “I only saw the show twice after we were asked to do it and I don’t think there is anything like that on television. My least favourite parts of the actual show is the singing; I think as that is a bit too much like Grease. But the actual show is funny first of all but to also have such an openly gay character going through things says something about the times – so I was excited to be a part of something which is so forward like that. And I think we were the first rock band to do it too.”

Still, the boys from My Chem aren’t about to throw stones at the bands who declined Glee’s offerings. “I think it is any band’s prerogative not to do Glee or anything else they don’t want to do. I did think having a go at them was a bit unprofessional. If a band doesn’t want to do something they should be allowed to say no without someone coming out and saying ‘f*** them’. That was really dumb and I lost a little respect for them through that but we’d already said yes by then (laughs).”

Source: RockAAA

02.19.2011 / 04:51 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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