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Pretty Little Liars

Keegan Allen Draws From Socially Awkward Friends to Play Toby

It must take a lot of talent for Keegan Allen to play Toby because he’s the complete opposite of his Pretty Little Liars character. Keegan explained to Poptimal, “It’s funny, Toby is a complete 360 of who I am; it’s very interesting to play that…He holds everything back….I draw from other people and other experiences because he’s very, very different from me.”

However, it hasn't been that hard for Keegan to get into his role. He explained, “I long boarded over to the casting office for the audition, and it just worked out, it was great. I felt connected to the character and the rest is history.” Well maybe it wasn’t that simple, but Keegan admits that reading the PLL books and learning more about his character certainly helped.

Keegan added that Toby is “really bottled up and it’s interesting to play that as an actor because I’ve been able to get a glimpse of his happiness or sorrow. For me, it’s based off of people I used to know in school, one of the outsiders and one of the socially awkward [people]; Toby’s very socially awkward.” He's definitely been distant, but we’re starting to see Toby break out of his shell more, especially as he gets close with Spencer.

Source: Poptimal


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02.21.2011 / 09:36 PM EDT by Emily Anatole
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