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Top 3 Grossest Moments From Bones Season 6, Episode 14: “The Bikini in the Soup”

If one of your worst fears is getting trapped inside of a tanning bed and turning to goo, Bones' latest episode, “The Bikini in the Soup,” will make your nightmares come true. On the other hand, the disgusting scenes could serve as an excellent tool to school the cast of Jersey Shore on the dangers of tanning. Read on for our picks for the three grossest moments from Season 6, Episode 14.

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3. I'm meeeeltiiing!
When the housekeeper arrives at the victim's house, she smells something funky right off the bat. Not all of the preview clips in the world could have prepared us, though, for what she found in that tanning bed. Bones, exposed organs, and melted guts and blood, in a disgusting shade of brick. Um, waiter, there's a skull in my soup.

2. On today's menu...
Over at the lab, Clark takes a pair of tongs to gingerly fish out what appears to be a foot from the human stew. Apparently, Clark had some prior experience as a chef, as evidenced by his expert maneuvers, letting the "jus" drip off his "meat" before transferring it to a tray, ready to serve. Next, he picks out some choice ribs to examine, although they are a bit meager in our opinions. Last, but not least, Clark checks out the vertebrae after moving aside some beef so tender that it falls right off the bone.

1. Don't you dare roll your eye at me!
Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse — well, it does. Back at the original scene of the crime, Wendy's eyeball slowly rolls back into her skull and then proceeds to melt away, causing a tear of white ooze to run down the deteriorated cheekbone. Okay, who's in the mood for romance now?

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02.22.2011 / 02:46 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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