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The Kardashians

Top 5 Ridiculous Moments from Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 1, Episode 4: “Diva Las Vegas”

Episode 4 was chock full of ridic moments — especially since Kim couldn’t believe she was turning 30 and refused to have fun! Here are the top five:

5. Kim does a keg stand

Frat party, anyone? Kim’s clearly not having any fun, and needs a little coaxing to do a keg stand. Her heart is not in it at all, and everyone picks up her dead weight and makes her take a slurp from the spigot. She looks like she’s at a funeral. Loosen up, Kim! Are you missing Shengo or something?

4. Kris does a keg stand

Kris is a strange combo of the mom we wish we’ve always had and the mom we wish we’ll never have. When Kim’s friend calls the concierge to deliver a keg to the room, Kris is the only one who’s at all enthusiastic — and she’s first in line to do a keg stand. Odd to see a 55-year-old mom in mid-air slurping beer.

3. Scott turns around at the Vegas airport and catches a flight back to New York

When Scott, Kim, and Kourtney land in Vegas, Scott announces that he’s going back to New York because he’s afraid Vegas will bring out the beast in him. He turns around and walks across the airport parking lot and PRESTO! He’s back in New York. We’re no dummies — we’ve been to airports before and we know it’s not that easy to catch a flight. And going back to NYC would mean another five hours on a plane in the same day. Come on, producers! We’ve heard of suspending our disbelief but this is ridiculous!

2. Kourtney folds up Mason’s clothes — but Mason’s nowhere to be found

The whole fact that Mason is never on camera this season is an ongoing ridiculous moment in itself. Kourtney and Scott are having a conversation in the hotel room while Kourtney folds baby clothes and puts them away. Where’s Mason? Okay, so we know Mason won’t be appearing in the show at all, but still, we miss him!

1. Kourtney suggests that Kim put a tulip in her vagina

When Kim refuses to have any kind of fun on her 30th birthday, Kourtney has the perfect remedy — she needs to put a flower in her vagina! “I told [Kim] yesterday if she could just stick a flower up her vagina so when [she] takes off [her] underwear this will be there,” Kourt explans. “So when a guy comes over and he looks in there he’ll be like, ‘Oh!’” Why didn’t we think of that?

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