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Wetpaint Exclusive Sneak Peek! Glee Gets Its Drink on in “Blame It on the Alcohol”

You can "Blame It on the Alcohol," but we're so drunk on the latest episode of Glee we can't resist spilling and splashing some teaser-ific tidbits. We'll try not to do it sloppily.

"There are definitely some pink elephants in the room that are going to be addressed, for sure," star Darren Criss told Wetpaint about tonight's all-new Glee.

And while the episode's title suggests those pink pachyderms are prancing around because of the much-hyped alcohol awareness installment, there's another Dumbo-sized issue looming: Criss's character Blaine is front-and-center in this week's latest romantic complication. There's nothing like getting a surprisingly sexy kiss from an unexpected someone during a tipsy game of Spin-the-Bottle to bring up some serious questions about exactly who and what Blaine's really into. (We're not saying, exactly, but give the preview trailer a quick look for a major clue.)

As expected, booze plays a major role as Rachel tries to broaden her life-learning experience by throwing a big blowout when her dads hit the road for the weekend. Who gets loaded? Maybe the real question should be: who doesn't? And that includes a couple of choice members of the McKinley faculty.

We're getting buzzed enough to let you know that the show mercifully does not veer into heavy-handed "very special episode" territory, but it does include a lesson on the perils of drinking and dialing that, frankly, we should all take to heart.

By now you're probably aware that the soundtrack includes a heady shot from hedonistic hottie (and queen of Jack Daniels teeth-brushing) Ke$ha. Mix in a potent dose of Human League's "Don't You Want Me," a sidecar of the Jamie Foxx tune that inspired the episode's title, and a chaser of the barroom blues classic "One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer" and your head will be spinning by the end of the episode.

After downing all that, things are getting a little foggy on our end, but we do vaguely recall flashes of a couple of other details:
-- We get Burt Hummel's take on Brokeback Mountain.
-- We're treated to a sampling of Rachel's dads' design sense.
-- Somebody hurls, and forget the rumors: It's not Principal Figgins.
-- And were we that messed up, or can Coach Beiste really sing?

02.22.2011 / 08:32 AM EDT by Scott Huver
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