8 Reasons Why Caleb and Hanna Are Great Together on PLL
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Pretty Little Liars

8 Reasons Why Caleb and Hanna Are Great Together on PLL

After Hanna and Caleb’s romantic kiss on last week's Pretty Little Liars, we’re dying to see more of them together. If their steamy shower scene didn’t convince you that they're a perfect pair, then we have eight more reasons to prove it!

1. They make each other happy
Hanna’s had to deal with enough problems, like getting run over and being bribed to hurt her friends. She needs someone, aka Caleb, to take her mind off of everything. Meanwhile, Caleb’s had a bad home life and is involved in some sticky business, but Hanna is there for him. In fact, she’s the reason he stayed in Rosewood.

2. Caleb watches out for her and her fam
Caleb knew something was weird with the architect claiming to be Mrs. Potter’s relative. He took it upon himself to investigate for the sake of Hanna and her mom. Talk about a loyal and helpful guy.

3. They tell each other their secrets
Caleb opened up about his personal life and Hanna hinted a few things about the “A” mess. They feel comfortable confiding in each other, which is important in any relationship.

4. Unlike Sean, he doesn’t reject her
Hanna’s been humiliated before, but Caleb is nothing like Sean. He actually wants her and isn’t holding back.

5. Their chemistry is undeniable
They’re really into each other both physically and emotionally. We love their playful flirting and Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn work well together in real life, too!

6. He lives at her house already, so it would be convenient
Hanna would just have to slip down to the basement to hang out with Caleb. Let's just hope Mrs. Marin doesn't find out about them.

7. Caleb is resourceful and could help Hanna figure out the “A” mystery
Having a tech savvy guy with street smarts would be pretty handy. He could help her break into any phone and maybe trace an unknown number.

8. They’re both really attractive
The hot, mysterious, new guy + the sweet it-girl = a great match

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