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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Spoilers! Reality Steve Reveals Who’s NOT the Next Bachelorette

*Spoiler alert* If you don't want any exposure to Reality Steve's spoilers, please check out the other stuff we have for you. Love ya! Bye!

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We have another Chris Lambton, people. Spoiler King Reality Steve told Bachelor fans from the beginning that Brad Womack picks Chantal O’Brien at the end of The Bachelor Season 15. He said Emily Maynard is the runner-up.

The obvious fan favorite from her looks and back-story alone, she was a lock to be the Season 7 Bachelorette before this season of The Bachelor even started. But that was only if she wanted the gig.

Now it looks like she doesn’t want the gig, or something else happened, since Steve just wrote in his latest blog, “I can report today that absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, that Emily will not be the next ‘Bachelorette’. Doesn’t mean I know who it is yet because I don’t, but for all the Emily fans out there, sorry to disappoint you. She will not be next seasons ‘Bachelorette.’”

Steve said back on October 6 when he confirmed Emily as a contestant he was told her goal was to be the Bachelorette, but producers told her for that to happen she had to go on The Bachelor first so they could build up her storyline.

Without Emily in the hot seat, the recent Bachelorette casting process has been thrown into a loop.

As Steve writes, “Within the last week, I’ve had multiple guys come forward who were called out to LA for final casting to be on the ‘Bachelorette.’ All of them received phone calls some time last week telling them they were rejected and won’t be cast. Then they all told me pretty much the same thing. They were told by casting that ‘there’s been a change of plans, and we’ve had to go in a different direction.’ So I have no idea what happened on Emily’s end (and no, it’s not because Emily is the one who Brad picked. That definitely isn’t the case). Maybe the Hendrick family got involved, maybe Emily got cold feet, maybe it had something to do with Ricki, maybe the money wasn’t good enough. Hell if I know. Your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is that after receiving emails from these guys, I made a few phone calls myself, and it was confirmed to me that indeed it was correct, Emily will not be the next ‘Bachelorette.’”

What’s weird about that is the idea of men being rejected and not cast. Plenty of women signed on to The Bachelor for Chris Lambton and stuck around for Brad Womack. So if the producers are rejecting men and going in “a different direction,” are they going to go straight into another season of The Bachelor? Are they fast-tracking Bachelor Pad 2?

Back to Emily and The Bachelorette for a minute. It does make sense for her to say no. She was away from Ricki for so long on The Bachelor, and when the cameras got in Ricki’s face in North Carolina, the shy little girl didn’t seem to appreciate it. Besides, fans are insane about Emily, even to the point where Emily had to come forward and talk them off the ledge over the NASCAR date. She’s being shown as a two-dimensional Miss Perfect Barbie doll who is all about her tragic past. That’s sort of what happened to Chris Lambton, and he turned down the chance to be the Bachelor in part because the show made him seem like a two-dimensional guy who only talked about his late mother.

What happens now? As Steve writes, “So the debate now is, ‘Who will it be?’ I think we can assume it’s going to be someone from the ‘Bachelor’ family since the formula has worked for six seasons in a row. So it’ll either be one of the girls from Brad’s season, or, they’ll dip back into their pool of female contestants from previous seasons and go that route.”

In short: This is good news for show vets like Vienna Girardi and Gia Allemand, who have both been pretty vocal about wanting to be the Bachelorette. So, with Emily out of the running, would you want to see Vienna, Gia, or one of the women from this season?

02.23.2011 / 11:54 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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