Chris Harrison: Brad and Emily Have “Almost Awkward” Relationship
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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: Brad and Emily Have “Almost Awkward” Relationship

Rosemaster Chris Harrison has a lot of fun behind-the-scenes details this week in his Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 8. As you can imagine, the logistics for Hometown Dates are pretty interesting, especially when it comes to Madawaska, Maine. (Have you Googled that place? It’s on the other side of next Thursday.)

Here are some of the Rosemaster’s highlights:

Oh, Michelle is going to be jealous!Brad had never been to Seattle so what was the first thing he wanted to do? Yes, stop at a Starbucks for a cup of coffee, because as you know Seattle is the only place in the country to get Starbucks. The irony of this trip was that it’s rained on us everywhere we’ve been but the weather in Seattle where it always rains was beautiful. Chantal was looking forward to Brad meeting her family, but she was really nervous about him meeting her dog Boca. A couple things stood out to me on this hometown date: Brad really seems comfortable and to fit in with Chantal’s family. They seemed all but ready to have a wedding on the spot. The other thing I noticed is Chantal’s dad’s wine cellar. Wow, I have cellar envy.”

How to get to Madawaska: “When the travel agent said, ‘You can’t get there from here,’ we should have listened. Our crew flew from Seattle to New York City. From New York it was down to Boston, and then a little prop plane to a place called Presque Isle. That leaves you a lovely two-hour drive to Madawaska. With a small town comes small hotels. The crew had to split up into a few different hotels as I think we tripled the population of the town when we arrived. As Ashley pointed out there are a lot of moose in this town. They warned our crew not to drive at night, as there’s a really good chance you’ll have a run-in with a moose. Brad helped Ashley’s stepdad boil the lobsters. The family messed with Brad for just a bit and made him put on a lobster bib before letting him in on the joke and allowing him take it off. Not sure if you noticed but Ashley’s mom is a big fan of the show, so she was really excited to meet Brad. He was a bit of a celebrity in the house.”

This is all Shawntel’s father’s fault: “As you could tell, Shawntel is very serious about her job and she and her family mean a lot to the community in Chico, California. The conversation Brad had with Shawntel’s father, who expressed his concern about his daughter leaving the city and thus abandoning the family business, definitely weighed on Brad’s mind the entire week. Yes, in the end her dad did say he wished them well and gave them his blessing, but that moment and that pressure of taking her away hung over the date and probably played a factor in Brad’s final decision. Add to that the fact that Brad wasn’t feeling nearly as much for Shawntel as she was for him, and it made the decision to send her home the right one to make this week.”

About that non-kiss with Emily: “But there is something about Brad and Emily’s relationship that’s almost awkward. The part where Brad told Emily he wasn’t going to kiss her out of respect for her and her daughter cracked me up. That was spoken like a guy who doesn’t have kids. I loved Emily’s reaction where she said if this works out she’ll be upstairs sleeping every night! Brad is trying so hard to do the right thing here — it’s very sweet but quite entertaining to watch.”

Read Chris’s full blog here.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

02.23.2011 / 05:41 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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