Has Glee Jumped the Shark?

Glee is lucky to have one of the most loyal and dedicated fan bases of any show currently on TV. However, the downside of having outspoken fans who tend to feel that the show belongs to them is that those same fans are liable to complain when the series appears to change its vision. With that in mind, here are the primary reasons why some Gleeks might claim that their favorite show has changed from how it used to be.

Of course, bear in mind that we are among the fiercest Gleeks ever, so if you feel like us — that the show continues to be amazing, even while undergoing changes — then make your voice heard in the poll at the end!

New characters take focus away from our favorites

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Glee seamlessly weaves new characters into the mix. (Unlike, say, the “Cousin Oliver” fiasco on The Brady Bunch, which is often cited as that show’s “jump the shark” moment.) Still, as more new characters show up, we see the original cast less and less, meaning even Rachel finds herself relegated to the sidelines. In certain episodes, we feel like the show could be called The Warblers and Friends — not that we’re complaining about more Blaine, mind you!

Wacky hookups

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Part of the fun of this show are the shocking hookups and unexpected surprises, but we’d hate to think that Glee is using its plot twists just for shock value or to make headlines, whether it’s Brittany and Santana or Kurt and Karofsky. Puck and Rachel was a bit of a stretch, but Puck and Lauren as a couple is less believable than the existence of Bigfoot.

Too much melodrama

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A soapy plot twist like Burt on his deathbed is the sort of thing that — if done too often — could seem like the show is creating “sweeps month”-type cliffhangers or Blossom-esque “very special” episodes. Luckily, Burt pulled through — and we could hardly imagine the show without him.

Constantly on-and-off couples

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Are Rachel and Finn currently together? What day is it? With those two — plus Sam and Quinn — constantly making up and breaking up, many of McKinley High’s couples make Liz Taylor and Richard Burton look like the picture of stability.

Heavy reliance on celebrity guest stars

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Katie Couric, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow — the list of celebrities who have popped up continues to grow. Of course, when the celebrities are used as well as they typically are on this show — Gwynie being the most obvious example — who are we to complain? (On the other hand, we’re not sure why you would hire a guy like John Stamos and then never use him.)

Uh... did we really need that much Justin Bieber?

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Let’s face it — it’s hard to base an entire episode around the Biebs without getting at least a few people to grumble. (Other episodes based around one performer — like Britney’s — have caused similar complaints.) Then again, there are probably some people out there who don’t understand why every episode doesn’t revolve around Bieber. In other words, you can’t please everyone.

02.23.2011 / 05:12 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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