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Naya Rivera Invents New Animal in Impromptu Twitter-view

How’s this for a fun surprise? Glee star Naya Rivera (Santana) took to her Twitter feed last night to answer some impromptu fan questions. If only more stars were this open with their fans! Naya dished on some super-fun stuff, including her signature scent, what she would name her pet woodpecker (we’re not sure either...), and what her favorite performance has been on Glee thus far.

Check out some of Naya’s responses below:

@preachelectric: Fist bumps or high fives?
Naya: High fives.

@AccioHorcrux: Tea or coffee?
Naya: Coffee.

@VikkiElizabeth: How old were you when you started acting?
Naya: 3 years old.

@wanderson91: What has been your fave scene to shoot?
Naya: I loved the fight scene and also watching Jenna cry sing[sic]
Funny Valentine.

@koolknj93: What song has been your favorite to perform?
Naya: One of my favorite songs we did on the show was Dog Days. Amber
and Jenna killed it and we got to run around!

@AshleyMoehring: What is the best romantic comedy movie that every
girl should see at least once?
Naya: “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.

@LLChristensen: Which Glee cast member is the most likely to pull off
a prank on set?
Naya: Chris Colfer.

@kaitgolightly: What was more your inspiration: the original Valerie
by the Zuttons or Amy Winehouse’s?
Naya: Amy’s. I’m a huge fan.

@BrenColRec: If you discovered a new species of animal, what would you name it?
Naya: This is a good one! I would name it Sparkle snatcher.

@SweetMusic_x3: Favorite color?
Naya: Pink.

@Masternika: If you could live anywhere in the world for three months,
where would it be?
Naya: Paris.

@totle9: Why don’t you love me? Tell me, baby, why don’t you love me?
Naya: Oh but I do…

@dancinggggg: What is your favorite clothing brand?
Naya: It’s not really a brand, but I love Urban Outfitters!

@GOLDSTAR_: If you had a woodpecker, what would you name it?
Naya: Beeker.

@controllist: Signature scent?
Naya: Coco Chanel.

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02.23.2011 / 05:59 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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