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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life’s First Season 4 Spoiler Revealed!

Yes, that’s right, fangirls (and boys)! Secret Life season 3 isn’t even dunzo, but we’re all over the first spoiler from Season 4! It’s nothing too salacious, but still a gem. Isn’t it just a comfort to know that Season 4 is out there somewhere in our future? Sigh — we’re getting a little teared up just thinking ‘bout it. OK, we’ll pull it together. Check out the new deets from next season!

You know how Ashley basically just sits around at home being bitter and making sarcastic jokes about how she lives in preggers city? Not any more! In Season 4, Ash will take charge of her life and get a job… at a tanning salon. Huh? We know everyone in SoCal is addicted to spray tans, but Ash is a Vampire-ish shade of pale. We can’t picture this girl working a tanning bed! Maybe she’s planning a future gig on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Apparently, the tanning salon doesn’t make Ash enough bank, so she also takes on a job at a diner. Now that’s more like it. We can totes see Ash dolled up in a cute apron flirting with baby daddies and sippin’ on milkshakes. So, what’s Ash saving up cash for anyway? A car? College? Or — dare we say it — a baber in her belly? Too good (er, bad) to be true. Let your imagination run wild!