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When is Hannah Coming Back to Bones? Our Top 3 Speculations

In a recent interview with TV Line, Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan had this to say when asked if we've seen the last of the infamous Hannah: "I don’t know when we’ll see her again, but we loved having Katheryn on the show. No one shot Hannah, so… she’s still out there somewhere in the Bones universe!" Um, yeah, that pretty much means she's coming back. The question is why, when, and did we ask why already? Here are the top three scenarios that would warrant the return of Booth's oh-so-popular ex.

3. Baby drama
Picture this: It's been a few months since the proposal rejection, and Booth and Brennan stop in at Starbucks for a cup of java. Who should be in front of them, but good-ol' Hannah ordering an herbal tea. With a half-smile, Booth manages a "Hannah?" As the gorgeous blonde turns around, however, all eyes immediately re-focus on her bulging belly. OMG, is Booth a baby-daddy? This would be a particularly surprising twist, given Hannah's disdain for children.

2. Hostage situation
We already met skilled sniper Jacob Broadsky in this season's Episode 11, "The Bullet in the Brain," and we know for a fact he will be returning to finish out that storyline. Booth had an opportunity to take him out, but he ended up fighting an internal battle, which kept him from pulling the trigger. We're pretty sure nothing will stop him from shooting Jacob if he has another chance at his former compadre — unless Broadsky is holding Hannah hostage!

1. Monkey wrench styles
This scenario may not even come to light this season, but rather two or three years from now. After eight or nine seasons, the writers finally give in to their fans' hopes and dreams by letting Booth and Brennan fall madly in love. It's a week before one of the most anticipated TV weddings ever, and guess who Booth runs into? Yep, Hannah, looking amazing and — even worse — telling him she made a mistake when she turned him down. The good news is that Booth ends up choosing his soulmate, Brennan. The even better news is Brennan hears about Hannah's attempt to interfere and kicks her aerobicized butt!

Source: TV Line

02.23.2011 / 12:50 AM EDT by Maria Valiente
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