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Castle’s Soap Opera Episode Takes Viewers to Temptation Lane

Thanks to a pic tweeted by TV Squad’s Maggie Furlong, we’re excited to announce shooting has officially begun for the much-anticipated. star-studded Castle ep, “One Life to Lose.”

Once again, Castle is going for the whole show within-a-show bit, and the entire episode will be about a murdered star from (fake) soap opera Temptation Lane. Confused? Yeah, we don’t blame you. But please bear with us as we try our best to explain. (However, thanks to the movie-within-a-show-based-on-a-fictional-book “Nikki Heat” episode, we know how hard that can be!)

Anyway, let us break it down for you: The entire “One Life to Lose” ep is a big ol' nod to Fillion’s soap opera past (he used to be on One Life to Live. Get it?). And, obvi, Castle execs wanted to pay homage to current soap stars, too, so they cast two actors from daytime hit All My Children and one from The Young and the Restless. The storyline? Castle and Beckett attempt to solve the murder of a daytime actor who stars in (fictional) soap opera, Temptation Lane, and then things get freaky. And not in a good way.

We think the whole soap idea is kinda cute (especially given Fillion’s history), but seriously? Temptation Lane? What, was Romance Road taken?

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02.24.2011 / 08:25 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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