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Nikita Fans Like Amanda Most When She’s Evil

Melinda Clarke (Amanda) says fans aren’t interested in seeing the softer side of Amanda."They really want Amanda to be truly evil," she tells TV Guide. "That's the fan response: We need her to be as bad as possible and to be really evil. At one point someone asked for some violence."

Sounds like tonight’s version of Amanda will be satisfyingly diabolical: She’ll be doping Alex to the gills to pump her for info.

"It's a real drug called Ibogaine, a hallucinogen that's used to treat opiate addiction," Clarke says. "It gives people this waking dream state and they experience visions representing their deepest fears or they play past dramas in their life. So, Amanda's obviously studied this drug and maybe she's used it on herself. Alex is not the first person she's used it on."

Melinda also says that last week’s Michael-Amanda alliance doesn’t mean the two are buddies now.

"Never truly trust Amanda," she warns. "These characters tend to use each other when it's convenient. So Michael giving Amanda trust, that might happen one episode, but it might not happen in the next. So, keeping things from Percy might happen in one episode, but you never know. Nothing's ever consistent."

Oh, we don’t know. Amanda has pretty consistently creeped us out.

Source: TV Guide

02.24.2011 / 10:30 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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