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American Idol

Recap of American Idol Season 10, Las Vegas Round and First Top 24 Announcements

At the end of Wednesday night’s episode of American Idol, five finalists were officially welcomed into the Top 24 and some former favorites heard the news they didn’t want to hear. Oh, and Jennifer Lopez kinda lost it! We can’t wait to get to that part, but there was a whole lotta show before Jenny’s mini-meltdown. Here are the highlights:

Viva Las Vegas
The remaining 61 contestants were told that they were going to Las Vegas, where they would have to learn and perform Beatles songs in a period of 24 hours. After the drama that was Hollywood Week, this challenge may have seemed like a walk in the park. But the problem was that many of the contestants had never even heard a Beatles song before! (Who are these kids?!)

The Vocal Coach From Hell
The contestants were all assigned vocal coaches — but duet partners Thia Megia and Melinda Ademi were the only ones stuck with “The vocal coach from hell,” a.k.a. Peggi Blu. You may want to skip her name in the phone book if you’re ever looking for a singing teacher who won’t give you nightmares. Here’s a taste of Peggi’s, uh, wisdom:

• A prediction for both girls: “Guess what? You’re going to die on stage in front of all those people… I’m going to be laying in my bed watching you just croak. And when I get the phone call that says ‘Did you do these two,’ I’m gonna go hell no.”

• Some advice to Melinda about working with Thia: “Bury her ass on stage… tap dance on her tongue!”

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Jimmy Iovine Makes His First Appearance
Oh, that’s right. We won’t need Peggi Blu because Idol has already hired an intimidating mentor to advise the contestants. Legendary music producer Jimmy Iovine made his first-ever Idol appearance on tonight’s episode — and let’s just say he keeps it real. While sitting in on rehearsals, Jimmy was already comparing performances to the kind of act you’d hear at a wedding or a karaoke bar. Hmm. Has he been on the phone with Simon?

Ashley Sullivan Gets Married
Ashley Sullivan (actually, make that Ashey Suravia) decided that if she was in Vegas, why not get married in Vegas? The drama queen/uber devoted Britney Spears fan couldn’t pass up the chance to get married in the same chapel where her “hero” Britney Spears once tied the knot to Kevin Federline. (Um, because that turned out so well for Britney.) So, how did Ashley get her boyfriend David to actually go through with it? She told him on the way to the chapel, “If you get cold feet, I don’t care. You’re going through with it, or I’ll kill you in your sleep, my Precious.” How… romantic?

Contestants Perform Beatles Hits
So, the contestants performed in duos and trios when they finally hit the stage for their Beatles performances. There were some hot performances and some mediocre ones. And you can probably guess that faves including Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams, and Julie Zorilla did well enough to keep their spots on the judges’ hot list. But here are some updates on some of the contestants who didn’t blow the judges away — and some of them were sent packing:

• Thia and Melinda’s acting coach was right. They weren’t that good. And Peggi Blu was right there in the audience, shaking her head. (We’re surprised she wasn’t wagging her finger.) Thia survived the cut, but Melinda didn’t.

• Ashley Sullivan must have been too busy getting married, because she didn’t do well. It ended up being the end of the road for Mrs. Suraiva. Somewhere, Britney shed a tear.

• Other notable contestants we said goodbye to in Vegas: funny guy Carson Higgins (nooo!) and former favorite Caleb Hawley.
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The Long Road to the Top 24
… Make that a long walk to the top 24. Back in Los Angeles, the top 40 contestants had to walk down a cruelly long pathway to learn their fate form the judges. The day before, during performances we only saw in flashbacks, the contestants sang for their lives in their final attempt to win over Randy, Jennifer, and Steven. Now, it was time to learn if they had made it to the Top 24. On the list so far are Naima Adedapo, karaoke host Clint “Jun” Gamboa, formerly rejected contestant Haley Reinhart, “different” and “quirky” performer Paul McDonald, and “consistent” singer Ashton Jones.

Saying Goodbye
The contestants who got the bad news so far include teen singer Holly Cavanagh, “The Minors” favorite DeAndre Brackensick, and soulful singer Lakeisha Lewis. But only one singer’s goodbye triggered Jennifer Lopez’s mini meltdown: Chris Medina. Gasp! Jennifer was distraught about rejecting Medina, the memorable contestant whose fiancee Juliana is a paraplegic. After explaining to Chris that he wasn’t chosen because there are so many other great acts this season, she told him, “It breaks my heart to say this, but you did not make it into the top 24… I will miss you.” Bu when Chris walked out of the room, she broke down into tears. “I don’t feel like I told him in the right way,” she sobbed. “I didn’t want to tell him no.” Jennifer continued to cry as Steven and Randy comforted her, but she was so upset that she actually said she doesn’t want to do it anymore.

So, what will Jennifer do? To be continued tomorrow at 8 p.m.!

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