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Pretty Little Liars

Which Pretty Little Liars Guys Would Be Good Boyfriends In Real Life?

If there's one thing Rosewood doesn't lack, it's cute guys. Yeah, we mostly tune into Pretty Little Liars for the intriguing mysteries and awesome female protagonists, but let's be honest, we also love our weekly dose of eye candy. It certainly makes waking up Monday morning a little easier.

But while every Pretty Little Liars guy is cute in their own way, they're definitely not all good boyfriend material. So which Rosewood guys would we gladly date, and which are better admired from the safety of our living rooms? We've got the pros, cons, and final verdict on all your PLL faves:

Ezra Fitz

Pros: Have you seen those eyes? And that chiseled jaw? This man is drop dead gorgeous. But that's not all Mr. Fitz has going for him. He's a talented writer and a great teacher who really inspires his students (no, that's not a joke about Aria). He's also committed to doing the right thing, from standing up to Paige's homophobic father to refusing to give in to blackmail. Plus, he knows how to romance in style (limo, hello?). Can you say *swoon*?

Cons: For an English teacher, Mr. Fitz could really work on his communication skills.
It's not cool that he flirted with Simone in front of Aria. We're confident he'd never cheat on Aria, but that's still really rude. And he should have talked to Aria when he was worried about their future, instead of just assuming they'd be over when she went off to college.

Verdict: Totally datable! Despite his flaws, Ezra Fitz is a great catch. We can see why Aria's willing to risk so much for him.

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Noel Kahn

Pros: He has the best eyes, um, ever. He's athletic and musical. He's persistent in romance (in a good, romantic-comedy-leading-man way, not a creepy or annoying way). And again, those eyes.

Cons: He spied on the girls (yeah, yeah, it was just a "prank"), and then, you know, tried to blackmail Ezra. Yes, we get that he was upset that Aria was seeing someone else, but blackmail's a felony.

Verdict: Un-datable. Again, blackmail is illegal, and it's not like Noel didn't know it was wrong. We'd be open to reconsidering if he shows some remorse down the line, but for now we just have to wonder: If he's willing to destroy someone's life for a better grade, what else is he willing to do?

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Ian Thomas

Pros: An athletic hottie with a posh job as a coach at a good school? Yes please. You know he'll stay fit forever, and he'll be a good provider.

Cons: Where do we even start? He cheated on Melissa with her younger sister, her younger sister's best friend, and who knows how many other girls (while they were practically pre-pubescent, too!). Despite appearing to be a totally straight-edge prep he used to be a heavy drug user, so he clearly knows how to lie. And, oh yeah, he may have been involved with Alison's murder.

Verdict: No way. Even if he didn't kill Alison, he's a cheater with a weird thing for younger girls. We'll wait for a different hot coach, thank you.

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Caleb Rivers

Pros: Who doesn't love a bad boy, especially one with a heart of gold? Caleb's witty, tech savvy, and surprisingly helpful to the little liars, given that he didn't know them until very recently. Plus, you've got to admire his resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit.

Cons: We prefer our business savvy guys to be doing something, you know, legal. Plus, you need a quick wit to keep up with his banter, and we're still not 100% sure he actually does have a heart of gold. He came out of nowhere, and in this town that means he might not be trustworthy.

Verdict: Wait and see. If Caleb is exactly who he appears to be, we'd say totally datable — what's a little phone-jacking in Rosewood? But we're afraid to commit at this point.

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Lucas Gottesman

Pros: Lucas is the definition of adorkable. He's got a puppy-dog cuteness, he's interested in getting to know who people really are, and he goes out of his way to support his friends. Geeks are totally in right now, and during his good moments Lucas reminds us of one of the best: The OC's Seth Cohen.

Cons: He's got a serious chip on his shoulder. We get that Alison was a biotch to him, but destroying her memorial (which Hanna, who he really likes, worked really hard on!) was messed up. He's also a mean drunk, and basically seems more interested in what makes him feel good than what Hanna wants. Which is weird, since he claims he'd be an amazing boyfriend to her.

Verdict: Pass, for now. We love Lucas when he's being a supportive friend, but we really don't like the mean streak that came out recently. If he grew up a little bit and became less bitter he'd be a fab boyfriend, but for now we'd have to say no.

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Alex Santiago

Pros: This suave cutie is a total charmer. He can make romance out of any situation (he turned working in the kitchen into a perfect date!), he's a talented athlete, and he knows the value of hard work. He's also very diplomatic — he was nice enough not to dish to Spencer about her mom's drunken ramblings.

Cons: He can be really touchy and defensive, and is too quick to jump to conclusions about people based on how much money they have. Plus, he threw away a great relationship with Spencer over a misunderstanding.

Verdict: Datable. Alex is definitely going places in life, and he was a great boyfriend. Yeah, he can be a little hard-headed, but it's not too extreme — we think he and Spencer would have worked out if it weren't for the meddling of "A," who can mess up even the best things.

So that's that. Of course, any of these guys could turn out to be "A," but that's just the risk you take when finding love in Rosewood.

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Toby Cavanaugh

Pros: Poor, misunderstood Toby is actually the only person in Rosewood who hasn't told a lie so far. Honesty is important, and given how much adversity he's faced, it's pretty amazing he's stayed truthful. He's also very sweet to the people he likes (remember the mix tape he made Emily?), and is generally well-meaning, if intense.

Cons: He's very quiet, hard to get to know, and can come off as really, really creepy. Plus, you'd have to deal with his terrifying step-sister.

Verdict: Datable, for someone willing to risk their reputation for love. He's always going to come off as a little odd to other people, but if you can get inside his shell, Toby's actually a good guy.

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Sean Ackard

Pros: Sean's the kind of guy you want to take home to mom and dad. Handsome, athletic, and wholesome, he seems like the whole package. And he did forgive Hanna for crashing his car, which was cool of him.

Cons: Let's be honest — he can be a little bland. And there's the whole saving himself for marriage thing, which could either be a pro or a huge con, depending on how you feel about it.

Verdict: Datable, if that's what you're into. Honestly, the idea of dating Sean makes us say "meh." He's obviously hot, but other than that he seems boring. But if you disagree, there's nothing else wrong with him.