Who’s Tyler Blackburn’s Favorite Little Liar?
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Pretty Little Liars

Who’s Tyler Blackburn’s Favorite Little Liar?

We know Caleb is most attracted to Hanna, but if Tyler Blackburn had to choose his favorite little liar, he’d probably pick Aria. Tyler told Seventeen that “I'd like a little bit of all of them, as far as personality goes. Like, I find something appealing in all of them. But I guess Aria would be the closest to someone that I would date.” She’s definitely the edgiest of the group, so her and Caleb would have a lot in common.

But Tyler isn’t ruling out the other girls. “At the same time, I really like Spencer’s intelligence and her quick comebacks, so it’s hard to decide!

Tyler also explains what types of girls he doesn’t like and we don't blame him. “I don’t like cattiness, or people who are too judgmental of others, or other situations. I don’t like that. It’s a big turn-off.” It’s safe to say he wouldn’t like Mona then.

Source: Seventeen


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