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The Vampire Diaries

5 Reasons Why Matt Needs to Get Over the “Caroline’s a Vampire” Thing

Ah, Matt. The nicest guy in Mystic Falls was once so clueless. But now that the vampire’s out of the bag, his hang-ups are leaving him in danger of letting Caroline slip through his fingers. We’re here to help a human out and offer five reasons why these two crazy kids should take a cue from Stefan and Elena and make the whole human-vamp thing work.

5. Caroline helped Matt get over Elena
When first we met young Matt Donovan, he was pining away over Elena Gilbert. Enter the Salvatore brothers, and there went any hope of a Melena romance. Just when it seemed he’d never get over his first love, Caroline set her sights on him, and the unlikeliest of love affairs began. And it was good!

4. Tyler’s AWOL
Florida’s a nice state and all, full of Disney World, sunshine, and orange juice. But when Tyler packed his bags and vamoosed from Mystic Falls, well, he pretty much put the kibosh on things between him and Caroline, capisce? Forwood is dead. Long live Maroline!

3. Vampire + human is hot stuff
Exhibit A for this argument is Stefan and Elena. Exhibit B is Damon and Elena. We rest our case.

2. Can you say high school power couple?
The TVD characters spend so much time battling in the woods, hanging at the The Grille, and attending balls and parties, that we sometimes forget they’re supposed to be in class occasionally. (Seriously, does Alaric even try to teach them anymore?) Nevertheless, for the rare times when they are inside the four walls of Mystic Falls High, Matt and Caroline would definitely give Stefan and Elena a run for their “It Couple” crown.

1. They’ve already said “I love you”
Caroline’s all cool-vampire chick now, but Matt fell for her when she was still a neurotic, needy kinda-mean girl. And even after she turned, Caroline retained her feelings for the mere mortal. We prescribe a kiss-and-make-up session for the lovebirds, STAT.