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Best and Worst Song Performances From Glee Season 2, Episode 14: “Blame It on the Alcohol”

Glee manages to pack an insane number of songs into each episode, which means there will always be a few standouts along with the inevitable dud or two. We've narrowed the performances from Season 2, Episode 14: “Blame It on the Alcohol” down to the very best and the not-so-great. After all, not every Glee cover can be a bestseller on iTunes!

Best Performance of the Night: “Don’t You Want Me” by Rachel and Blaine
“Blame It on the Alcohol” gives this impromptu performance a run for its money — and “My Headband” might be an honorable mention — but “Don’t You Want Me” still stands out as our favorite song of the episode. It’s a thrill to finally see Blaine collaborate with New Directions (more, please!), harmonizing with Rachel on an energetic, emotionally warm take on the original version — not that there’s anything wrong with the original, mind you.

We love seeing the two of them giddily jump around onstage, too. Of course Rachel would own pink, rhinestone-encrusted microphones!

Worst Performance of the Night: “Tik Tok” by Brittany and New Directions
Previous Glee covers of recent mega-hits have worked because the episode’s storyline brings a new context to the song, or the song is performed in a unique way (think Finn doing “Just the Way You Are,” or Blaine’s “Teenage Dream”). With “Tik Tok” — a song we’ve heard approximately 6 million times in the last year or two — we get the same old context and pop gloss.

While Brittany can take the spotlight any day, all that auto-tune (though in keeping with Ke$ha’s original version) makes it hard to appreciate her voice. Granted, “One Bourbon” isn’t dynamite this week either, but it’s fun seeing Schue and Beiste (in her valiant singing debut) having a ball up there. However, their true edge is that they manage to keep their liquor down. The vomiting at the end of “Tik Tok” is too much!

Relive all of this week's performances here!

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