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The Vampire Diaries

Blood and Fire: Recap of The Vampire Diaries Season 2, Episode 16, “The House Guest”

So much juicy stuff happened tonight that we don’t even know where to start. But we’ll give it a college try. Here are 13 things we loved about “The House Guest”:

13. Everybody goes back to school.

Remember Mystic Falls High? Just when we were starting to worry that truancy cops would come for our girl, Elena remembered she still has to go to those things called class. “Stefan we’re late for school,” she said. “Let’s be later,” he replied. But, for once, E had the cooler head. “Stefan, it’s school,” she insisted. “Remember that thing we keep forgetting about?” Yes, he did recall — after they had a five-minute quickie. But we won’t begrudge a girl her morning trysts as long as she gets the diploma. Right?

12. It’s a switcheroo-arama.
“It’s getting really easy being you,” Kat told Elena. No kidding. Now that she’s free from the tomb, Katherine apparently has nothing better to do than bone up on being Elena. Within the first five minutes the vampire fooled both Salvatores. And by night’s end she pulls it off three more times.

11. Elijah won’t cook.
Or burn. Or crumble into a pile of ash. Turns out that even when he’s dead-dead it’s hard to get rid of an Original. One of the funniest scenes of the night was the one where Katherine walks in on a frustrated Damon as he repeatedly takes a flame-thrower to the O.V.’s bod. Each time, Elijah crinkles and smolders. But he barely chars.

10. Stefan calls another peace meeting.
What is it with the Nice Salvatore and these peace deals? Much like he tried to do with Tyler’s Uncle May-He-Rest-In-Peace, Stef set up a face to face with Luka and Doc Martin. Sitting with Bonnie, the vamp told the warlocks that Elijah had been adiosed and he proposed they team up to kill Klaus and free Doc Martin’s daughter Greta. “We can all work together to get her back,” Bonnie co-signed. And it sounded like a good idea to us. But Daddy Warlock had other plans. “Those people, they’re our enemies,” he told Luka. Drats.
Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC    
9. The Martins play with fire.
Minutes after meeting with Stefan, Doc Martin works out a supernatural plan to sneak Luka’s spirit into the Salvatore manse where he can revive Elijah and let the O.V. clean house. To do so the father and son duo have to sit in a semicircle of flames. Yes, warlocks need candles too! But they do it in a manly way, bro-clasping hands before letting the chanting begin.

8. And then Luka gets burned.
Unfortunately the Martins’ undercover operation doesn’t go as planned. While Katherine’s grabbing some blood from the deep fridge she senses Luka’s presence. Though she can’t see him, she does see something trying to remove the dagger from Elijah’s body and she vamps over to stop it. Countering, Luka grabs a stake and sticks her in the gut. But not before she can call for help… Enter Damon. All sexy. With a flame-thrower. And, guess what? If you burn the spirit, the flesh will follow. When Damon takes a torch to Luka’s invisible self the teen warlock bursts into flames then falls out on the living room floor at his father’s feet. Dead.

7. Caroline Karaokes.
The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame” to be exact. To get Matt, who’s been giving her the cold shoulder all day, to give her a second chance, Blondie interrupts the girls’ night out to hop onstage at The Grill and compel the bandleader to let her sing. Is it an obvious over-the top-move barely masking as an excuse to show off how well actress Candace Accola really sings? Yes. Does that bother us? Hells no. We’re suckers for public redemption.

6. Bonnie pops the big question.
“Would it freak you out if I started dating your brother?” Bonnie asked. Elena paused. And for a second we thought Jer’s big sis was going to ixnay his ‘ship. But then she told Bonnie, “My brother has had more pain in his life than a hundred peoples’ worth of pain. And he deserves to be with someone as amazing as you.” Whew!
Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC    
5. Doc Martin goes postal.
Carrie would envy the wrath this warlock unleashed on The Grill. Distraught over his son’s death and seeking to exact some serious revenge on Elena, Doc Martin stormed into the restaurant and shut the show down. Literally. He magic’d off everything. And started setting everything afire. He knocked Bon-Bon out, disabled Caroline, and then went old-school on Matt by breaking a bottle and sticking it in the busboy’s neck.

4. Katherine takes a bite out of crime.

When Doc Martin took the rage to the Gilbert house, the kitty called Kat pretended to be Elena again. Fooled, the warlock pounced. And the vampire gleefully tapped his jugular. “You didn’t have to kill him,” Bonnie cried after his body hit the floor. “Yes, we did,” Katherine said. But apparently she spoke too soon. When Bonnie kneeled beside him to say a prayer, Papa Witch (as Damon called him) made like Carrie’s hand from the grave and death-grabbed Bonnie’s head, forcing Stefan to break his neck to put him down.

3. Lady Pierce? Denied!
Katherine expected a big ol’ thank you from Elena for saving her life. But our girl was giving none. And neither was Damon. When evil doppelganger slithered into his room, trying to get her flirt on, the elder Salvatore let her get in. He let her get close. Then he shut her down. “There are six other bedrooms in this house,” he said as Kat’s lips brushed his. “Go find one.” Then Damon literally threw her off him and went back to reading Jonathan Gilbert’s diary. Brilliant!

2. Matt learns the truth.
Come on. You knew Caroline wasn’t going to let her boo bleed out on the floor. But there was a downside: When Matt woke up with the memory of his vamp-faced girlfriend force-feeding him her blood, Caroline confessed “I’m a vampire.” Instead of just freaking the flip out, Matt took it to an even darker place. He remembered what his sister Vicki mumbled in the hospital after she was attacked last year. Then he accused Caroline — who found Vicki’s body back when she was still human — of killing his big sis.

1. Isobel shows up.
Minutes after Alaric tells Jenna that his wife is dead. Great timing, there Izzy. Great freaking timing.

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