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Chris Colfer on Unexpected Gleeks, Kurt, and His Dating Life

Chris Colfer (Kurt) has gone from high school nobody to gigantic star in a little under two years. But what surprises him most about the rise to fame he’s enjoyed on Glee? Just what kind of fans he’s accumulated.

“Jesse James, big macho guys like that,” Chris said in an interview with USA Today. “They're always like, 'Hey, can you sign this? It's for my daughter.' They're like, 'Can you make it out to Paul?' And you're like, 'Oh, yeah, your daughter, right!'”

As for his breakout role, Chris says he’s not as much like Kurt as you might think. “Kurt's always in vogue and knows about fashion. I didn't know who Marc Jacobs was before I did the pilot. I'm more likely to read or watch the Discovery Channel. I'm a nerd; Kurt's much cooler than me."

So, despite his alleged geekiness, is there a special someone in his life? "I have no problem talking about my dating life because it is a short, short conversation,” he said, laughing. “I would love to be in a relationship, but I don't have any offers! Truly! Fans, yes. Dates, no. Fingers crossed. I'd love to meet a guy."

Chris also told USA Today that he wants Julie Andrews to play his grandmother, especially if Anne Hathaway is playing his aunt. Princess Diaries reunion, here we come!

Source: USA Today

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