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The Vampire Diaries

Sara Canning on Aunt Jenna and Alaric: Something’s Going to Happen That “Will Rock Her World”

At the end of last week’s Vampire Diaries, we watched the painful convo between Elena’s Aunt Jenna and beau Alaric: She asked him to tell her if things are going to work, and he stared back, dumbfounded, in silence. Talk about an awkward moment!

Now, we’re just really anxious about what’s to come. What the heck is going to happen between these two? Will Alaric have to confess everything in order to salvage his relationship with Jenna? And, seriously, what’s going through Jenna’s head during all of this madness?

"She started having these inklings and mistrust creeping in largely due to what John has been mumbling," Sara Canning (Jenna) tells TV Guide. Canning explains her character is definitely confused about the A-man, and she admits, the relationship could quite possibly be done-zo. "It's very uncertain if the relationship is going to completely crumble,” she says. Um, time to start talking, Alaric!

Actually, Canning says that’s exactly what will happen: Alaric’s about to confess something to Jenna — but he might not tell her what we really want her to hear. "The confession is linked to what is more pressing on Jenna... she's obviously not asking about his vampire-fighting extracurricular activities," says Canning. We guess that means she won’t find out her niece is dating a vampire or, you know, the biological child of one, either. Boo.

Still, Canning teases juicy, big, life-changing stuff to come for Jenna:”In the next few episodes we're going to see something happen that is really going to rock her world and have her question if she is in such a steady and stable spot as she thought she was.”

Source: TV Guide

02.25.2011 / 12:54 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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