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Grey's Anatomy

Say What? Jesse Williams Wants to Trade in His Blue Eyes

On Grey's Anatomy, Jesse Williams plays the blue-eyed wunderkind Dr. Jackson Avery, who remains mysteriously unable to get laid despite a million dollar smile, striking baby blues, and bizarrely alluring ethnic ambiguity. But in real life, Williams is just a guy's guy. And, for the record, he'd gladly give up his signature eyes.

When asked by Zap2it what part of his face he would change if he could, he responded, "I'd get darker eyes to see how differently I'd be treated." Before you go thinking ooh, he's so deep and dreamy, consider which high school clique he copped to being a part of back in the day: "The 'Punk-A**-Smart-Mouth-Undersized-Athlete-Who-Loved-the-Ladies' clique. Maybe you've heard of us. We were terribly cool."

Ha! This leads us to believe that maybe the eye color thing is just a line to make chicks swoon. Don't get us wrong, though, Jesse, thinly-veiled arrogance masked as mock self-deprecation is totally charming!

Source: Zap2It


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