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Top 5 Most Intense Moments from Nikita Season 1, Episode 16: “Echoes”

1. Amanda Drugs Alex
We’re pretty sure Amanda is not a licensed therapist or drug counselor! And we’re pretty sure she gave Ibogaine to Alex, not because she wanted to help her, but because she wanted to watch her have a complete freak out. Yes, Ibogaine has been used to treat addiction, but it needs to stay out of Amanda’s hands! She called her mix of rehab and interrogation “multitasking” but we call it downright evil!

2. Michael Matches Sound Files
Birkhoff was totally annoyed because Michael was using his computer all night long. (We would be annoyed too!) But in the end, Michael’s OCD behavior proved fruitful. He was able to take a sound file of his call to Alex and match it to an exact location, that of “Whitfield’s loft.” Hence, he was able to kill two birds with one stone: pinpointing Nikita’s whereabouts and proving her collaboration with Alex!

3. Alex’s "Dream Alter Ego" Kills Nathan
No one at Division can ever be happy, not even in dreams! We were so happy for Alex, Nathan and their adorable little bebbeh who was all clad in a little elf hat and footies, but then Alex’s alter ego had to pull out a gun! We *know* it was supposed to only be a dream but the idea that her alter ego killed Nathan (and possibly their child) was just a little too much for us to deal with. Almost as upsetting as when Thom died. Glad we have a month to recover.

4. Amanda Recommends Alex's "Cancellation"
It wasn’t enough that Amanda had to drug and interrogate Alex; she then had to march into Percy’s office and recommend that Alex be "cancelled." She is SO evil! We’re not even sure how she came to this conclusion. Maybe she’s just bein’ a jealous hater. Seems a little ridic given they spent all that money getting her a new Kia, an apartment and a closet full of clothes. We hope and pray either Alex gets that chip out of her neck or Amanda gets hers!

5. Michael’s at Nikki’s Loft…and He’s Got a Gun!
Here’s something Nikita did not expect – Michael sitting in her private hideaway holding a HUGE GUN. We can’t imagine what the outcome will be and we can’t believe we have to wait a month to find out. Given, Nikki doesn’t appear to have any weaponry on her we’re not sure how she’ll get out of this jam. Will she manage to seduce Michael? Will Michael agree to help Alex escape? Or, will he take her prisoner? We hope this leads to Michael switching sides!

02.25.2011 / 09:06 PM EDT by Rev. Jen Miller
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