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America's Next Top Model

What Was Cycle 16 Contestant Hannah’s Biggest Modeling Fear on ANTM?

Let's face it: Tyra and the peeps at America's Next Top Model have quite the knack for coming up with terrifying, dangerous, and embarrassing challenges to torture the modeltestants with, all in the name of portraying what life as a model is "really" like. Yes, because hamster ball water runways are totally a thing in the real world.

But, Hannah Jones, St. Edward's University student and 148th Top Model hopeful reppin' Texas, wasn't afraid of posing with sharks, or spiders, or the dreaded eye sparkles that threatened to blind Liz in Cycle 15, or even ankle-snappingly high heels. Hannah's biggest modeling fear on ANTM was her own self-sabotage.

Says Hannah, "My biggest fear is self-doubt. It can corrupt a person's potential so easily. Growing up, I was very self-conscious. ANTM became an opportunity for self-exploration." Nothing like having an impeccably airbrushed and unearthly gorgeous photo of oneself ripped to shreds by judges to cure a little self-consciousness, right?

"Through the competition, I started to understand what it meant to be enough," she added. "When I knew I was enough, I was the only one could stop me." Sounds like the opening page of Tyra's Guide to Top Model Domination, but we like it.

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