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The Bachelor

Natalie Getz Hates Chantal’s Style, Wants Shawntel as The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz looks at everything through the lens of fashion. In that lens, Brad Womack looks mighty fine. Emily Maynard looks gorgeous. Shawntel Newton looks cute. Ashley Hebert has the right idea. But Chantal O’Brien? Wince.

Read on for highlights from Natalie’s hilarious blog on The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 8:

Brad looks rad: “As Brad recaps his past with the four final women, I am recapping his wardrobe in my mind. Brad is yet to fail me in the fashion world this season, (except for those gnarly polos he was wearing in Anguilla). As he is in deep thought discussing the women, I am completely ignoring him and focusing on his attire. I love his newsboy hat to compliment his Henley shirt and navy pea coat jacket. Men, try GStar Raw for a hot jacket. They have trendy, manly coats for all seasons! He looks very NYC as he overlooks the city concentrating on his lovers. NYC style is hands down the best style on any man or woman for that matter.”

Brad is hot in Seattle, Chantal is not: “Damn, mountain man! This look is HOT. As for Chantal O, she needs some styling tips. Her scarf is old lady patterned and the silky fabric is screaming day at the office, not casual day out. It's style completely wrong around her neck and looks like it's choking her and taking away from the length in her neck. Her black silk blouse does not fit her correctly. It's too short in length and is too tight, causing it to pucker and gather in the wrong areas. Not to mention, the black camisole she wore underneath the blouse is a wrong match to the black in her blouse.”

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PETA will not like Natalie for this: “Chantal's dog even has bad style:( Haha- but the doggie is adorable. Now as for the cats, there is a balcony and if I were there I would have no problem throwing those nasty, cruddy felines off. Oh screw off, PETA. Some animals (well, only cats) suck.”

Chantal has great genes, if not jeans: “Her parents house is GORGEOUS!!! What an adorable family! Her mom looks like Angelina Jolie at certain angles. No wonder Chantal is so beautiful! Her parents are very youthful and her brother- such a doll! Future Bachelor in the making? Hmmm- stay tuned. I'm honestly not even really listening to anything they are all talking about because I am far too distracted by the interior design of Chantal's parent's lovely home!”

Small towns rule: “Brad and Ashley stop at a local diner, and he tells her he loves the simplicity of her hometown and loves living slow paced (ahem, we've noticed). I am much too fast paced right now for simple living, but when it's the right time, I'd love to raise my family in a small town like the one I was raised in. I LOVE Ashley's energy and positivity on this date. You can see how happy her family makes her and she is too cute right now! Ashley's family rocks! They are so frickin adorable! I love how they are all so spunky, and did anyone notice Ashley's dad playing with her moms hair all playfully? She is very loved and has had very positive role models in her life. Here parents still have that flirty high school, sweet love for each other and I'm falling for her family! They remind me so much of my own family. Ashley's father is a trendsetter!”

The Angel of Death dresses well: “Shawntel's sweater dress is casually cute gathering at the waistline just a bit to add some shape. Notice how it also puckers at her shoulders and is the perfect length to add some sexiness. Her blue, handkerchief patterned scarf was the perfect touch to add some color to her black dress since she is a brunet. (Maybe she can offer up some advice to someone else whose name rhymes with Shawntel). Wait....did I just totally give that away? Anyway, Brad gets her father's blessing and he is on to his next victim... EMILY! PS- Shawntel is my choice for Brad. So wholesomely beautiful and such a great heart that one has.”

Emily is a total MILF: “Emily put the ‘Em Oh Em’ in mom jeans, placing a decorative belt through the loops of her hiked-up jeans. She is by far the most fashionable girl this season! One wardrobe flaw really doesn't matter. I do love her tall black boots and babydoll, boatneck black blouse. She can still pull off the jeans simply because she is a mom and is stunning regardless. Emily has great jewelry to compliment her style with multiple bangles around her wrist and long stands of black beads draped around her neck. Let's chat about how sweet her daughter looks in her mini tshirt dress with light pink racer stripes lining each side, complete with opaque black tights. The racer stripes run down her back criss crossing to give the illusion of suspenders, so cute! Little Ricki just won my heart, because I LOVE suspenders! Jeesh, between her and Ashley's father, there is some great family fashion going on during these hometown dates!”

Rose Ceremony roundup:

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Emily: “Of course she has the best dress on, AGAIN! This turquoise layered fabric mini dress fits her shape perfectly with a sweetheart neckline and one should strap detailed with fabric flowers. This dress is VERY trendy amongst celebrities and red carpets right now.”

Ashley: “The camera doesn't do her dress justice. It's hard to wear white on camera, but if you saw this dress in real life, you would love it. [...] The only thing I would change is to make this dress strapless and continue the beading to the the entire back portion of her dress.”

Shawntel: “I could go either way on this sweater dress, however, I do love the sequin capped sleeves. The mock turtle neck is fine, but I think it would look far better with a crew neck line and a long strand of beads as a necklace. I will say that up close, the mock turtle neck is slightly slouched and does look great on her longer neck. If this dress was constructed just a little differently, it would for sure be perfect.”

Chantal: “‘You'll love David's Bridal’ is now officially stuck in my head. I always see dresses like this when I go pick up my bridesmaid dresses at bridal shops. Eeeeeek! Ok, clearly after watching Chantal's hometown date, sister has lots of money! So why is she wearing this cheap looking red satin dress with an awful neckline and nothing at all to it? And once again, the dress doesn't fit her correctly. I'm not even going to discuss hair because that isn't my concern on this blog and I feel bad enough ripping apart these girl's style choices. Now that I know she can afford nice clothes after seeing her parents house on her hometown date, I want to style her for all her upcoming events that will come from being on this show!”

Shawntel for Bachelorette: “I'm very upset that Shawntel is gone. She is just naturally stunning and so sincerely sweet. I think she should be the next bachelorette!”

Read Natalie’s full blog here.

Source: The Bachelor Insider

02.26.2011 / 12:07 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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