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The Bachelorette

Bachelor and Bachelorette Tweet Treats: Everyone’s on Team Emily

Just like the rest of us, past and present cast members of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette love sending out tweets from their crackberries. Between relationship drama, show scandals, and being reality stars (whatever that means), they still manage to squeeze in primo Twitter time. As expected, they also love to watch Brad’s redux quest for love on Season 15 of The Bachelor. Here are a few of their tweets related to last night’s episode:

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tristasutter Can't wait until Finale! Honestly think he'd b happy w/ either & having been in their shoes will be heartbroken 4 the 1 he doesn't choose... Words of wisdom from the O.B. (Original Bachelorette)

jason_mesnick Holy crap, I ate one of those worms in South Africa. It was as good as you imagine it would be. Yuck... We just lost our appetites. Thanks, Jason.

MollyMesnick Emily....brad doesn't get nervous around you because you're hard to read....he gets nervous because you are smoking' hot!... Nervous may be an understatement — Brad’s face gets so red, he could probably be mistaken for a (very attractive) tomato.

AliFedotowsky Does Brad send 2 girls home 2night bc he basically just picked Emily. Happy for him, but kind of feel like he is stringing the others along... You and Reality Steve both, Ali.

AshleySpivey @ashhebert - I would have given you a rose!!! #ashleylove… At least they have each other?

TenleyMolzahn Finally seeing chemistry w/ Emily & Brad and guess the elephants think so too! Haha! Oh #bachelor ... Can you feel the love tonight?... We were getting a strong Lion King vibe.

MsEmilyMaynard That was the most amazing date I have ever been on! Definitely the most craziest thing I've ever done!!... And then you and Brad live happily ever after?

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03.1.2011 / 10:57 PM EDT by Ilana Harkavy
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