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Bryan Elsley Corrects Perez Hilton About Skins US Ratings Decline

There’s no getting around it: Our fave show has experienced its fair share of haters. Pretty much from the moment word got out that Skins US existed, people have been hating on it. But while hearing all the usual complaints can get get kind of boring, we love to hear people speak up to defend Skins US. And this is doubly true when the person speaking up is show-runner and executive producer Bryan Elsley himself.

The usually soft-spoken Skins creator recently spoke out to correct a quote from famous gossip maven/Internet meanie Perez Hilton, who was spouting some unsubstantiated talk about the show’s ratings being in decline. Elsley was quick to set the record straight on Twitter:

@TheItGirlx3 @bcelsley.. ouch! have you seen this? i still love skins usa!

@bcelsley @TheItGirlx3 Actually our ratings are going up. Perez might be a little bit wrong.

Two things here to be all “yay” about: 1. It sounds like ratings are leveling out, and 2. Bryan Elsley is a total class act. Notice how he didn’t resort to name-calling? Oh, how we wish certain bloggers would take a page out of Elsley’s book…

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03.1.2011 / 02:19 AM EDT by David Connell
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