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The Bachelor

Reality Steve Admits He Was Wrong About The Bachelor Season 15 Finale

Team Emily just scored a big win. That Bachelor Season 15 “love story” Brad Womack has been talking up since the premiere? The tide has turned from it being with Chantal O’Brien to Emily Maynard.

Before the season even started, Reality Steve claimed that his sources told him Brad was engaged to Chantal and that they spent Thanksgiving with her family. Now, a mere two weeks before the finale — and two days after Fans of Reality TV (FORT) already announced that Brad is engaged to EmilySteve has issued a reversal.

“Brad is engaged to Emily,” Steve wrote. “It’s been a crazy last 96 hours to say the least, but yes, it is true. Trust me, for the guy that has sat here for the last three months pounding on his chest and screaming from the top of the Empire State Building like King Kong that ‘Brad is engaged to Chantal,’ the last thing I wanna do is tell you I was wrong the whole time. Well, I was. I apologize. We’ll get to the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ in a little bit as I give you a inside look into my last week. If there are still those that doubt it’s Emily and thinking well maybe someone is trying to fool me or throw me off, just think about this. Do you think after being wrong about Ali and Roberto’s ending, and having said it’s Chantal for the last three months, I would come out and admit to this different ending if it was just some hunch that I had? I’m more than 100% (if that’s possible), absolutely, positively, without a doubt telling you Brad is engaged to Emily and he has been since South Africa. You will see this on March 14th. I’m just glad I was able to get it to you with two weeks to spare, because in the end, this site is about two things in my opinion: Humorous, snarky, sarcastic recaps, and telling you what’s going to happen before you actually see it happen. Well, now you know.”

Steve apologizes to a slew of people in the column, from the readers to people he’s emailed, to Brad and Chantal, to fans of Chantal.

Sorry to anyone who wanted Emily as the Bachelorette, but now it makes more sense why she isn’t going into the hot seat.

How do you feel about this news? Are you spoiler-ed out? Are you not trusting anything now?

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*Spoiler alert* If you don't want any exposure to Reality Steve's Bachelor Season 15 spoilers, please check out the other stuff we have for you. Love ya! Bye!

03.1.2011 / 12:24 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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