Jessica Capshaw Nearly Crashed Her Car When She Landed Her Grey’s Role
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Grey's Anatomy

Jessica Capshaw Nearly Crashed Her Car When She Landed Her Grey’s Role

Several of the current series regulars on Grey's Anatomy landed their roles by accident after what was supposed to be a short-lived character arc. Remember the days of the Mercy West crew? Jackson and April were the lone survivors of the shoot-out, and, miraculously, Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew found themselves series regulars this season. Eric Dane was famously only supposed to be in one episode. Five seasons later, he's still steaming up the OR.

Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) had auditioned for Grey's twice before for two different roles before getting called in to read for Dr. Robbins. And, even when she scored that 3-episode character arc, she tried her best not to get too attached to the cast. "Of course, by my fourth episode I had completely fallen in love with everyone," she confesses. "By the end of the year I was a hot mess. I was thinking, 'This is going to be really tough if I don't get to stay.'"

Of course, Shonda Rhimes decided to make the sunny Arizona a mainstay, much to our delight. So how did Jessica react when she found out she was being brought back as a series regular after her guest stint? "I screamed a lot. I was driving, it was dangerous," she admitted. "I think Shonda had a particular glee in calling me because everyone else kind of knew that they were going to be picked up again."

In the future, Shonda, if you're going to be calling up the actors yourself, maybe make sure they're sitting down, not in the driver's seat, before making the big announcement.

Source: Adelaide Now


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