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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Resurrects Her Filthy Couture Clothing Line

JWOWW's previous attempts at designing a clothing line — how do we put this delicately? — tanked. We're talking Deena Nicole with one Long Island iced tea at the club after pre-gaming too hard tanked. Unlike Snooki's slipper line (which got so much attention that it shut down the website), Filthy Couture (the aptly named fashions by JWOWW) went under after its tragic attempt to sell stripperiffic JWOWW wear.

However, JWOWW is now in a classier place in her life, both mastering the art of hair coloring (that is to say, no more skunk chunks) and getting compliments from the likes of middle-aged talk show hosts on dressing like a lady. She thankfully ditched those blue contacts that still haunt us every time we watch the Jersey Shore opening, and has embraced a more neutral makeup palette. So, is Filthy Couture ready for a makeover, too? JWOWW says yes. She's revealed that she's resurrecting the line for round two, and this time, she's bringing a "famous designer" along for the ride.

No word on who the lucky collaborator is, but as long as she stays away from Real Housewives of New Jersey's Kim D. and Christian Audigier (of Ed Hardy fame), we think she's got a shot at reinventing her line.

Source: New Milford Patch


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