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Vote Now! Is Darren Criss Getting Too Much Screen Time on Glee?

One of the highlights of this season of Glee has been the expanded presence of the Warblers, with Blaine (Darren Criss) taking lead on most of their songs. And at this point, he's singing in just about every episode. So we have to ask: Has the show been using Blaine too much?

One key problem with Blaine's increased presence is that it came right when the show began using fewer songs per episode. For example, last week's "Blame It on the Alcohol" featured just four covers, meaning previous mainstays like Finn, Kurt, Quinn, and Sam (not to mention less-frequent but equally popular contributors like Santana and Tina) were left without prominent singing roles. Other recent episodes have seen Mr. Schuester or Mercedes get the shaft. And nobody wants that!

We realize it's hard to give enough screen time and singing opportunities to a cast that's this big and this talented. Darren Criss himself is an undeniable talent who has seen his songs — like, say, "Teenage Dream" — become huge iTunes hits. So there’s no easy answer!

That's why we're asking you to decide if Blaine is getting a little too much love. To put it another way, we love ice cream, but we wouldn't necessarily want it for every meal. (Okay, maybe that's a bad example, since ice cream three times a day doesn’t sound so bad. But you get the drift... )

03.2.2011 / 08:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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