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Castle Controversy: Was “Countdown” Anti-Christian?

We can’t deny that we usually like to keep things light around here at Wetpaint. That’s what TV is good for, right? A temporary escape from all that other drama going on?

Welp, according to reports across the Interwebz, some conservatives are taking last Monday’s Castle “Countdown” ep in a way we never would: very seriously. Many groups are calling the episode “anti-Christian” and “pro-Muslim.” While we don’t necessarily want to meddle in all of this, we love our show and think it’s only right we take a minute to respond.

After having watched (OK, and re-watched — thanks DVR!) both episodes in the Castle two-parter, we can pretty safely say the episode is not the “PC propaganda” some people have dubbed it. Yes, the episode shows us a bit of role-reversal: We find out a former U.S. solider (who is never classified as Christian) is using a Muslim family as “scapegoats” in his plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on NYC, even though we spend the entire first episode thinking its the Muslims who are up to no good.

Yes, the Muslims turn out to be the “good guys,” and the U.S. solider and his partners are the “bad guys.” But isn’t it possible that resolution wasn’t about making a political or religious statement, but rather about giving Castle viewers the shock value we’re always after and expect from our favorite show?

And Castle was hardly insensitive to other issues connected to terrorism: When we learn Fallon’s wife was killed in 9/11, all of Castle and Beckett’s disdain for him sort of melts away. And this is the man who made a baby cry in the interrogation room!

However, we know we have a diverse readership ‘round here, so we wonder: Were you offended by Monday’s Castle? ABC wants to hear from you. Surf on over to Castle’s web site and take the pop-up survey about the two-parter. Let’s set this thing straight!

Source: Big Hollywood

03.3.2011 / 09:39 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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