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Castle Power Rankings for Season 3, Episode 17: “Countdown”

It was a countdown, but luckily, not the final countdown. Check out the two twosomes that used their power to make sure Beckett and Castle got to that bomb just in time.

Alexis and Martha

Alexis demonstrated that certain teenage traits can be life-saving: Irritability (over having to spend time with a grandparent), nosiness (about shower curtains in the living room), and eagerness (to call the cutest guy at the NYPD to report a missing dad). Martha did her part, too, of course, assuring Lex that Castle was just out for the night and even sharing a tidbit from his youth: “I used to write the best [excuses] for your father — circus accidents, apartment fires.” What? Since Alexis knows grandma usually isn’t on top of these things, she went ahead and got the ball rolling on Operation Get Beckett and Castle Out of the Freezer. Her prize? Not being able to tell her boyfriend about the explosives.

Ryan and Esposito

Props to Ryan and Esposito for defying Montgomery and solving two missing person’s cases in one night, especially since those two people are the stars of the show. They sent patrol units to every place Beckett and Castle “would be moronic enough to go,” which we’re guessing required the help of some Jersey cops. Ryan and Esposito were the ones to pull them out of the freezer, obviously , and that would have been enough to secure their position of power in this episode. Fortunately, when explaining this story to Castle, we also got to see their secret handshake. Nice work, fellas.

03.3.2011 / 12:19 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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