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Glee Spoilers: Where’s Terri — and Who Will Die?

Spoiler-phobes, beware! Move along if you want to maintain a sense of childlike wonder when Glee returns next week with all-new episodes.

Credit: Carin Baer/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Ever since news dropped last week that someone would kick the bucket before Regionals, all you Gleeks have been speculating as to the identity of the victim. Thankfully, TVLine's Michael Ausiello has come out with a few hints to help us cross names off our list: It won’t be a major character, but it will be male — and the death will have quite the “fallout.” Who could it be? We hope it’s not Figgins!

In other news, mischief-making Terri Schuester is going to be back on the show, possibly as soon as the end of this month. And accoring to Ausiello, she’s “up to her old tricks again.” Sorry, Will...

Sources: TVLine and TV Guide

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