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The Bachelor

Ruh-Roh! Ricky Hendrick’s Ex-Fiancee Calls Emily Maynard a Liar?

As we all know by now, Emily Maynard is the third rail of The Bachelor Season 15. If you even try to touch her past in a harsh or challenging way, you may as well change your name to Charlie Sheen. So Cori Kurek (formerly Cori Tietsort) could be in for it after her comments in a new In Touch Weekly story.

According to In Touch (via Hollywood Life), Cori was briefly engaged to NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick before Emily. Cori alleges that Emily was never engaged to Ricky and barely even knew him.

"After Ricky died and she found out she was pregnant, Emily wanted to have lunch with me, because she didn't know him that well," says Cori. But she had to know him pretty well if they had a baby, right?

According to the story, after Ricky died in 2004, his family gave Cori's $100,000 engagement ring (cha-bling!) to Emily to avoid the scandal of people knowing about Emily's out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

"Other sources" are getting in on the act, too. They claim Emily has dated several other NASCAR drivers since Ricky's death. "Everybody knows Emily was spending almost every Saturday at the racetrack," one insider tells In Touch. "It's not an emotional place for her. I don't get it."

There's more. Cori is a nurse at Levine Children's Hospital in North Carolina, where Emily told ABC she worked as a children's hospital event planner. Cori claims the staff has never heard of Emily. "No one knows who she is," she says. One of the sources says Emily interned for three months at a event-planning company in 2008 that once put on an event for the hospital, but that's it.

Why these allegations are coming out now is a mystery, but it's not like Brad Womack and his other finalist, Chantal O'Brien, haven't faced their share of tabloid stories this season as well. Par for the reality TV course!

Source: Hollywood Life

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